Delivers all-in-one converged and scalable desktop solution

The VMware Rapid Desktop Appliance is a fully certified, converged and scalable solution. Each certified and validated appliance delivers predictable units of performance and user experience. With Rapid Desktop Appliances from VMware partners, your IT infrastructure can always scale with your growing business, from proof-of-concept to real world production.

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VMware Rapid Desktop Appliances

Take the Guesswork Out of VDI

Getting started with virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) has not always been easy. IT administrators have had to master storage, optimize networks, ensure they have enough servers on hand and then provision desktops to pools of users across the organization. And this has all taken time. Until now. With VMware's Rapid Desktop Appliances, customers can take advantage of all-in-one VDI appliances that come fully loaded with storage, compute, networking and VMware software components. VMware's Rapid Desktop Appliances take the guesswork out of VDI and allow small, medium and large-scale IT organizations to get up and running quickly and cost-effectively.

Deploy Desktops in Minutes

Looking for a way to accelerate your VDI deployment? Leverage VMware Rapid Desktop Appliances to automate the provisioning of desktops-and get new desktops up and running in no time. With centralized management from the datacenter, IT can additionally leverage these appliances to set policy and entitle users from a single administrative interface and push out application and OS patches and updates to users in minutes.

Get Started for Less

The VMware Ready Appliances provide IT organizations with a one-stop shop for VDI infrastructure with VMware Horizon (with View) that they can cost-effectively leverage within desktop environments for proof of concept projects, pilots and full-scale productions. Not only will IT administrators save time and resources in deploying and managing these solutions, they can also get started with many of these validated appliances for as low as $200/user (infrastructure).

Scale On Demand

Start small and scale your desktop environment linearly on-demand. VMware Rapid Desktop Appliances provide highly scalable solutions that allow customers to protect and leverage their IT investments as they grow. Start with as few as 100 desktops and scale to thousands of desktops over time.

Choose from a Wide Variety of Certified Offerings

All Rapid Desktop Appliances are certified and tested using Horizon (with View) Planner--VMware's workload planning tool to quantify the user experience and measure application latency on an end user's device. This is important in providing guidelines around predictable desktop performance and expected user experience. Rapid Desktop Appliances have additionally been certified using a wide range of storage options including SSDs, PCI, SSD arrays and local storage to provide customers with the ability to choose and make tradeoffs around cost and performance based on their unique requirements.

Customers can select the right solution for their needs from a wide variety of certified Rapid Desktop Appliances.

Certified Rapid Desktop Appliance Partners
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