Celebrating our People

At VMware, we actively attract, engage and celebrate our people from dynamic backgrounds, experiences and perspectives. By doing so, we foster a culture and environment where great people want to work and thrive long term. This strength propels us toward our common goal of creating and supporting transformative products and services through our collaborative drive to imagine, define and deliver the future of IT.

Learn more about our people and what fuels our drive.

Celebrating our People

Life at VMware

What makes our community unique? What powers our engine and propels us forward? We asked a few employees at the innovation offsite and here is what they said.

I Love VMware

Employee Spotlight

"Creativity comes from working with and around… rules and (perceived) limits to do and create something novel." Read more

Rean Griffith

"VMware's ability to change, evolve and lead the way into new eras as we grow is unique, and being part of this company has always inspired me to do the same – both on a professional and a personal level." Read more

Kristin Dahl Steidel

“Fun is an important part of our culture and something I really cherish about working here!” Read more

Kit Colbert