EUC Solutions for Federal and National Governments

Governments across the world are increasingly adopting technology tools to improve their presence and service to their constituents. Whether it be to support teleworking or providing mobile solutions to frontline missions, government organizations and agencies are looking for solutions that meets the needs of their workforce, while not compromising on security.

VMware's Federal Secure Workplace solution offers pre-validated and pre-configured architecture that meet the stringent requirements of national government agencies across the world. The solution helps government organizations consolidate the data centers and deliver IT services to any device, anytime and anywhere in a secure way.

VMware Horizon Suite for Workforce Mobility - Centralized IT for More Responsive Government

VMware's Federal Secure Workplace - a workforce mobility platform for all levels of government

Accelerate Your Digital Government Strategy

National governments across the world are caught between shrinking budgets and a growing need to modernize their infrastructure. VMware EUC Solutions, based on the VMware Horizon Suite of products, help government agencies transform their IT operations to deliver services more efficiently and cost effectively. With highly secure, custom-built EUC solutions from VMware, agencies can accelerate their Digital Government Strategy, while embracing new initiatives such as Mobility and Teleworking.

  • Our EUC solutions are completely integrated with VMware and partner products so you get a robust solution that is pre-validated and pre-tested amd can be deployed immediately.
  • Achieve the highest levels of security compliance with all National Government requirements.
  • Reduces OpEx costs by improving efficiency and reducing real estate costs.

DoD Agency Desktop COOP Solution

Read how VMware Horizon 6 helped a Federal Government agency build a centrally managed desktop infrastructure that exceeded the security accreditation and compliance requirements of a rigorous DoD environment.

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