Programmatically create, provision, snapshot, delete and restore complex networks all in software with a virtual network with VMware NSX™.

Gain Agility with Programmatic Provisioning

Your business needs to increase the speed of innovation, reduce time-to-market and drive the velocity of their business. NSX programmatic provisioning removes the operational barrier the network has become, reducing service delivery times from weeks to seconds.


The perimeter centric network security strategy for enterprise data centers has proven to be inadequate. Modern attacks exploit this perimeter-only defense, hitching a ride with authorized users, then moving laterally within the data center perimeter from workload to workload with little or no controls to block their propagation.

This can be solved by adopting a stricter, micro-granular security model with the ability to tie security to individual workloads and the agility to provision policies automatically. The research firm Forrester calls this “Zero Trust,” and micro-segmentation embodies this approach. With micro-segmentation, fine-grained network controls enable unit-level trust, and flexible security policies can be applied all the way down to a network interface. In a physical network, this would require deploying a physical firewall per workload, which is cost-prohibitive and operationally infeasible.

Simplify Operations with Automated Delivery of Network Services

NSX exposes a RESTful API, allowing cloud management platforms to automate the delivery of network services. Network provisioning, which used to take days or weeks, now takes seconds. Because network services are now delivered to applications by the virtual network, no manual reconfiguration of physical network devices is necessary.

NSX Service Composer automates the consumption of services and their mapping to virtual machines using logical policy. You can assign policies to groups of virtual machines. As more VMs are added to the group, the policy is automatically applied to them. You can build advanced workflows automating security, compliance and network provisioning, including load balancing and firewall rules.

Extend your Virtual Network with Other Vendor Services

NSX offers a platform to insert other vendor services. Integrated software and hardware partner products can range from network gateway services, application delivery services and network security platforms to security services.

Gain Unparalleled Visibility

In a traditional network, configuration and forwarding state is spread across a multitude of disparate network devices. This can impair visibility and impede troubleshooting efforts. In comparison, NSX provides all configuration and state information for all network connections and services in one place. Connectivity status and logs for all NSX components and virtual network elements (logical switches, routers, etc.) are readily accessible, as is the mapping between virtual network topologies and the underlying physical network. Network administrators can continue to take advantage of all the familiar monitoring, management and analysis tools they’ve been using.

Deploy Virtual Networks without Disruptions

Network virtualization works as an overlay above any physical network hardware and works with any server hypervisor platform. The only requirement from a physical network is that it provide IP transport. There is no dependence on the underlying hardware or hypervisor. NSX Gateway allows legacy VLANs and physical hosts to be mapped into virtual networks.