Small & Midsize Business Solutions

Server Consolidation

Physical servers typically run at only 10-15 percent of capacity, resulting in wasted resources, unnecessary hardware investments and data center sprawl. VMware solutions consolidate your applications on far fewer physical servers to optimize resource utilization and deliver up to 50 percent savings in capital and operating costs. With VMware server virtualization, smaller businesses achieve efficiency savings previously available only to very large companies.

vSphere with Operations Management Overview Video

vSphere with Operations Management Overview Video

vSphere with Operations Management Overview Video

Products for Server Consolidation

vSphere with Operations Management

Offers the industry-leading virtualization platform with insight into IT capacity and performance to optimize the consolidation, cost savings, availability and performance benefits of virtualization. Only VMware offers:

  • Comprehensive resource prioritization — Achieve the highest service levels, performance and efficiency for your business, by reserving pooled storage, network and computing resources for your most critical applications.
  • Operational visibility and insight-Optimize efficiency and run more virtual machines on your hardware and with better performance to maximize the benefits you get from virtualization with our management tools.

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vSphere Remote Office Branch Office

vSphere, the industry's most reliable virtualization platform, can now enable businesses to extend virtualization beyond their datacenter to remote sites and branch offices. vSphere Remote Office Branch Office is designed specifically for IT infrastructure located in remote, distributed sites and delivers improved service-levels, standardization, availability and compliance. vSphere Remote Office Branch Office editions enable rapid provisioning of servers through virtualization, minimize host configuration drift and enhance visibility into regulatory compliance, across multiple sites. In addition, vSphere business continuity features deliver highly available IT infrastructure to remote sites.

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Discover vSphere with Operations Management

Get health monitoring, performance analytics, and capacity management and optimization capabilities with vSphere with Operations Management.

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Prevent Downtime Before It Happens

Find, explore and solve potential performance problems in advance, using vSphere with Operations Management. Find out how real customers do it every day.

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Cornerstone Finds IT Visibility Critical to Platform-Wide Management

Cornerstone deployed 45 hosts with almost 100 virtual machines on vSphere with Operations Management to build a stable and reliable virtualized architecture.