Managing the Virtual Infrastructure

VMware gives you the tools to manage and monitor your entire virtual infrastructure from a central location, reduce new server provisioning time and allocate shared IT resources with greater flexibility. VMware works closely with industry-standards organizations and technology partners to ensure seamless interoperability through open interfaces and standards-based technologies.

Unified Management

With VMware vSphere® with Operations Management™, you can manage all your heterogeneous x86-based operating systems, including Windows, Linux and Netware, by placing them on a single virtual hardware platform. Monitor and analyze virtual machines, resource pools, server utilization and availability with detailed performance graphs. Define the performance metrics that are important to you at the specific levels you need and view them in real time or across a specified time interval.

Accelerate Provisioning Time

With vSphere with Operations Management, you can create templates for your virtual machines, thus eliminating repetitive installation and configuration tasks when provisioning new server workloads. When coupled with the hardware independence of virtualization, you can reduce the time it takes to deploy new IT services by 50 to 70 percent. Virtual machine templates also make it easier to enforce corporate standards for anti-virus and management software.