VMware® vCenter™ Site Recovery Manager™ is a disaster recovery solution that provides automated orchestration and non-disruptive testing of centralized recovery plans.

Centralized Recovery Plans

  • Create and manage recovery plans directly from VMware® vCenter Server™.
  • Automatically discover and display virtual machines protected by vSphere Replication or array-based replication.
  • Map virtual machines to appropriate resources on the failover site.
  • Extend recovery plans with custom scripts.
  • Control access to recovery plans with role-based access controls.

Automated Failover

  • Receive automatic alerts about possible site failure.
  • Initiate recovery plan execution from vCenter Server with a single click.
  • Automated boot of protected virtual machines with pre-specified boot sequence.
  • Automated reconfiguration of virtual machine IP addresses at failover site.
  • Manage and monitor execution of recovery plans from vCenter Server.

Automated Failback

  • Automate failback to original production site using original recovery plan.
  • Automatically re-protect virtual machines by reversing replication to the original site.
  • Available also with vSphere Replication.

Non-Disruptive Testing

  • Automate execution of recovery testing.
  • Use storage snapshot to perform recovery tests without losing replicated data.
  • Connect virtual machines to an existing isolated network to avoid impacting production applications.
  • Automate cleanup of testing environments after completing tests.
  • Store, view and export results of test and failover execution from VMware vCenter Server.

Planned Migration

  • Automate planned migrations with graceful shutdown of protected virtual machines at the original site.
  • Ensure complete replication of virtual machine data in an application-consistent state, prior to initiating migration.
  • Perform data sync to force complete replication of powered-off virtual machines to the failover site.

Support for vSphere Replication

  • Only true hypervisor-based replication for vSphere.
  • Manage replication directly through vCenter, at a granular virtual-machine level.
  • Storage-agnostic replication that supports use of low-end storage, including direct-attached storage.
  • Asynchronous replication with flexible RPOs ranging from 15 minutes to 24 hours.
  • Replicate only changed blocks to increase network efficiency.
  • Multiple point-in-time recovery allows reversion to earlier known states.

Support for Third-Party, Array-Based Replication

  • Broad choice of compatible storage arrays and replication products from all major vendors.
  • Leverage iSCSI, FibreChannel or NFS-based storage replication solutions.
  • Tight integration with Site Recovery Manager through Storage Replication Adapters (SRA). Download the full list of compatible arrays.

Disaster Recovery to the Cloud Based on Site Recovery Manager

  • Disaster recovery available through major VMware service providers.
  • Use a cloud service provider as the failover target.
  • Use Site Recovery Manager to automate recovery and testing.

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