Keep Machines Up-to-Date and in Compliance

VMware vSphere® Update Manager™ automates patch management and eliminates manual tracking and patching of vSphere hosts and virtual machines. It compares the state of vSphere hosts with baselines, then updates and patches to enforce compliance.

  • Gain visibility into patch status across the virtual infrastructure with a patch compliance dashboard.
  • Stage and schedule patching for remote sites.
  • Deploy offline patch bundles downloaded directly from vendor websites.

Reduce the Risks of Patching

It's not uncommon for patching to lead to compatibility errors that require remediation. vSphere Update Manager can eliminate the most common patching problems before they occur, ensuring that the time you save in batch processing automation won't be wasted later in performing roll-backs and dealing with one-offs.

  • Store snapshots for a user-defined period so administrators can roll back the virtual machine if necessary.
  • Securely patch offline virtual machines without exposing them to the network, reducing the risk of non-compliant virtual machines.
  • Make sure the most current version of a patch is applied with automatic notification services.

Eliminate vSphere Downtime Related to Patching

vSphere Update Manager works in conjunction with VMware vSphere® Distributed Resource Scheduler™ (DRS) to provide non-disruptive host patching when remediating a cluster. It also works with vSphere DRS to put hosts in maintenance mode one by one and migrates live virtual machines to other hosts while patching.

  • Automatically migrate virtual machines to other hosts during patching.
  • Migrate virtual machines back after patching.