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As schools work towards sustainable digital learning ecosystems, IT must find solutions that transform the classroom, expand access and connectivity, and make it all manageable and secure. As a proven leader in cloud infrastructure and enterprise-grade, education-ready mobility, VMware is helping K-12 education evolve to meet the needs of tomorrow’s learners.

  • Bulletproof security fortifies schools and districts from the inside out, protecting sensitive information and infrastructure.
  • Transformative technology brings breakthrough performance and efficiency to the daily operations of digital learning.
  • Seamless mobility extends access to education resources across districts and communities.

VMware solutions help K-12 IT support new models of teaching and learning, strengthen and simplify critical IT infrastructure, and ensure total information security.

VMware NSX Helps Transform Fulton County Schools.

VMware NSX Helps Transform Fulton County Schools. (1: 07 min)

Take a Zero Trust Approach to K-12 Security

Technology-transformed learning creates new opportunities, but also new risks, and traditional IT security can’t keep up. VMware NSX uses software-driven micro-segmentation to create compartmentalized, workload-specific security that guards against ‘lateral threats’ that bypass perimeter defenses and linger in the data center, slowly compromising resource after resource.

This Zero Trust approach assumes every connection is untrusted until policy says otherwise, building precise, iron-clad defenses that help decision-makers extend their digital learning services with confidence. This not only minimizes the chances of data center compromise, it simplifies the daily work of IT security.

E-Rate Eligibility Makes a Great Idea Even Better

New risks don’t come with new budget, so IT is tasked with battling never-ending threats with very finite dollars. Luckily, the deep, robust security of VMware NSX is now eligible for E-rate funding, making the tremendous power of Zero Trust networks an even smarter approach to comprehensive K-12 IT security.

Accelerate IT with Transformative Technology

The demands of digital education and assessment give IT an opportunity to help decision-makers match new needs with solutions that not only deliver immediate productivity but also simplify environments going forward. This requires solutions built to connect users and information across diverse networks and devices, delivering an intuitive, consistent experience that boosts student outcomes.

VMware Horizon is helping districts and schools around the world do exactly that, seamlessly virtualizing the desktop experience for both end-users and IT. This means high-quality usability and collaboration on nearly any device – all backed by easy deployment and simple, centralized manageability on the backend – on both school-issued and BYO devices.

Making good on the promise of learning everywhere also requires a commitment to compliance, especially around student assessment. VMware Horizon is officially “TestNav Qualified” with Pearson, giving both IT and instructional decision-makers a single solution for teaching and testing to new standards.

VMware Delivering Common Core Testing and Digital Equality at Baltimore Public Schools

VMware Delivering Common Core Testing and Digital Equality at Baltimore Public Schools (3:24 min)

Make Mobility Manageable and Seamless

As digital learning expands the reach of the classroom, connecting campuses and communities in innovative new ways is critical to stronger education equity and outcomes. As expectations around this new mobility grow, it’s up to IT to ensure it can be easily managed, scaled, and secured across any device owned by the school or students.

VMware AirWatch gives teachers and IT tools to help manage this new, crowded, busy, digital classroom, simplifying endpoint management and boosting interoperability of device operating systems and applications. Any student, any device, any connection – learning is now easier than ever, with shared workspaces and easy collaboration.

Create a multitenant architecture that grows with demand, all managed with easy policy and process on the backend. Enroll and authenticate devices in real-time, then give teachers and administrators the ability to carefully manage the experience with AirWatch Teacher Tools, filtering content and restricting applications even when the device leaves the network. It’s the promise of mobility made real for K-12, all from a technology partner you can trust.

Robust, Resilient Infrastructure

“NSX has provided us flexibility we simply did not have before.”
Brian Mislavsky, The George Washington University

A 24/7 Learning Platform

“Anytime, anywhere they are, contributing to their learning.”
Bill Russo, Buffalo Public Schools

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