High-Value Outcomes for IT Organizations

VMware helps IT organizations deliver more business value. Find out how you can increase data center efficiency, improve security and mobility, enable high availability and more.

IT Outcomes

With VMware, IT organizations gain unique capabilities that help them respond to business requests quickly and cost-effectively, without compromising security, control or choice. Your organization can achieve the following high-value IT outcomes:

Data Center Virtualization and Hybrid Cloud Extensibility

Enable virtualization with hybrid cloud extensibility that reduces CapEx costs, while providing hardware choice, security and flexibility for compute, storage and networking.

Streamlined and Automated Data Center Operations

Simplify and automate data center operations for intelligent management across physical, virtual and cloud infrastructures – with better performance and lower OpEx.

Application and Infrastructure Delivery Automation

Deploy and manage applications and IT services across private, public and hybrid infrastructures in just minutes with automated, agile provisioning.

Business Mobility

Bring speed and mobility to your business by delivering access to any application on any device, anywhere, with security and management that’s simple and unified.

Security Controls Native to Infrastructure

Transform how network and security policies are managed in your infrastructure, with virtualization that enables fine-grained security controls inside the data center.

High Availability and Resilient Infrastructure

Help ensure application and IT service continuity with a resilient and easy-to-manage infrastructure for private, public and hybrid clouds, coupled with best-in-class automated disaster recovery.

Technology Capabilities

Learn how VMware’s SDDC approach enables unique capabilities to make outcomes possible for businesses and their IT organizations.

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