Consumerization Is Driving Digital Transformation

In the age of mobile and cloud, consumerization is directly impacting how businesses drive digital transformation. It’s changing employee expectations, creating new application demands and driving new opportunities to change business processes. Consumerization of the enterprise represents both a challenge and an opportunity for IT. Implementing a digital workspace solution can help IT harness the rapid changes brought about by consumerization and address the needs of the wide range of users and use cases within the business. 

The digital workspace is a holistic change in the way end-user services are delivered by IT. A digital workspace platform provides the necessary infrastructure to deliver the apps and data employees need across any device used for work.

Digital Workspace initiatives include Simplify App & Access Management, Unify Endpoint Management and Transform Windows Management.


The Digital Workspace Is Here

Deliver anytime, anywhere access to all applications, services and resources across all devices.

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With VMware’s digital workspace solution, organizations remove the friction of access so employees can get work done in real time from any device or location, without compromising security. It provides users with a single repository to access all business apps, optimized by device type. One-touch mobile, single sign-on and simple self-service onboarding make the solution convenient and easy to use.

Built with enterprise-level security in mind, VMware’s solution also includes multi-factor authentication using any mobile device. Its privacy-by-design approach assures users that their personal apps and data remain invisible to IT.

Simplify App Access & Management

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Today’s businesses employ a variety of device ownership models—from corporate-owned or shared to Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and Corporate Owned, Personally Enabled (COPE).


VMware’s digital workspace solution enables IT organizations to leverage a single platform to manage all apps and devices, regardless of ownership models, with complete employee privacy.

The solution includes unified endpoint management, built on industry-leading VMware AirWatch technology, to support app management across physical desktops, on or off the corporate network. It enables complete, scalable, over-the-air provisioning and lifecycle management, and delivers real-time visibility for users, apps and devices across any network, whether physical or virtual.

Unify Endpoint Management

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VMware Workspace ONE, built on award winning VMware AirWatch enterprise mobility management, unifies the management of all device types and use cases.


Traditionally, Windows OS device administration has been managed with on-premises tools—and only for on-network or domain-joined PCs. With the introduction of Windows 10, Microsoft is offering IT organizations a fundamentally different approach to managing the OS from the cloud.

VMware’s digital workspace platform enables IT teams to provide management and control of Windows 10 PCs, regardless of location or ownership model. IT organizations can provision systems out of the box, without needing to touch new laptops, as well as support full application lifecycle management. The digital workspace is a single, self-service platform for authorized users to access modern Windows apps, legacy Windows apps, web-based apps and SaaS apps. Windows app delivery across devices helps ensure that corporate apps can run smoothly while meeting compliance requirements. To help strengthen security, air-gapped access with Horizon-hosted virtual apps ensures that non-trusted devices never touch the enterprise network, while remote users can access the enterprise applications they need.

Transform Windows Management

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Built from award winning VMware AirWatch enterprise mobility management, Workspace ONE can transform Windows Management with a cloud-based service. VMware Horizon can manage and deliver virtualized Windows Apps and Desktops to ensure compatibility, data and network security and portability across non-Windows devices.