Dynamic IT Environments Demand Heightened Security


All businesses are now digital businesses, and this digital transformation has led to significant changes to the IT landscape. Today’s IT organizations must secure interactions between users, applications and data, in an environment that is changing and becoming increasingly dynamic—from public and private multi-cloud environments to the proliferation of mobile devices.

From a security perspective, this creates a challenge: Traditional network perimeter security models are no longer sufficient for protecting the increasing sprawl of applications and users. And these challenges create much more complexity for organizations in ensuring and demonstrating compliance, with IT teams having to spend a significant portion of their time on compliance efforts, instead of focusing on tasks that drive real business value.

VMware helps IT organizations transform security by leveraging a ubiquitous software layer across application infrastructure and endpoints, maximizing visibility and context of the interaction between users and applications, aligning security controls and policies to the applications they are protecting, and enabling the insertion of third-party security services for additional intelligent protection. Transform Security initiatives include Secure Application Infrastructure, Secure Identity and Endpoints, and Streamline Compliance.

Transform Security Solution Overview

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Node Africa Transforms Security

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Secure Application Infrastructure

Apply innovative new models to transform security.

Secure Identity and Endpoints

Gain end-to-end visibility and control.

Streamline Compliance

A ubiquitous software layer simplifies compliance.