Improve Service Levels and Flexibility While Reducing Costs

Virtualize Oracle applications, like Oracle E-Business Suite, for improved QA, faster deployment and better utilization of existing hardware--all while improving service levels.

  • Get more out of existing hardware.
  • Streamline upgrades and migrations.
  • Deploy applications faster.
  • Streamline and accelerate QA and development processes with Oracle E-Business Suite.
  • Support multiple instances for test and development without having to expand hardware.
  • Tune application performance without having to power down other applications.
  • Eliminate downtime due to hardware failure with immediate failover to another physical server.

Featured Case Studies


Alstom set a long-term goal of 100 percent virtualization with an initial focus on increasing the raw capacity of its virtualization technology to support its largest workloads.

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Indiana University

With the help of VMware and House of Brick, Indiana University's IT Department increases flexibility and reduces costs for large, mission-critical Oracle databases.

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Major Oil Sands Mining Company

Major Oil Sands Mining Company has avoided about $1.7 million in server hardware costs, $1.4 million in power costs and $495,000 in software licensing costs, for a total savings of more than $3 million.

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Manitoba Liquor Control Commission (MLCC)

Manitoba Liquor Control Commission joins other organizations in virtualizing Oracle ERP on VMware, reduces cost and lessens disaster recovery time.

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General Electric on its way to 100 percent Oracle virtualization on VMware

House of Brick and GE Appliances and Lighting discuss their experience and road map for a 100 percent Oracle virtualization strategy.

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