Solve Device Diversity and Deliver Online Tests with Ease

Initiatives such as shared or individually assigned devices for personalized learning and the Common Core State Standards Initiative for assessment of student progress are driving change in K-12 schools in the U.S. and abroad. VMware provides a platform that delivers a consistent student experience on any device – while giving IT the ease of management, security and control it needs to comply with both school policies and standardized assessment test requirements.

Improve Access and Performance with School-Issued Devices and BYOD

In order to create a level playing field for all students, schools need to ensure equal access to computing resources. Many schools are adopting programs offering shared or individually assigned devices for personalized learning to ensure that all students have equal access to digital coursework. Many solutions have been tried, ranging from school-issued Chromebooks and iPads, to supporting BYOD. VMware Horizon delivers a consistent student experience – no matter what device is being used, without sacrificing IT control.

Horizon will enable you to:

  • Support new educational technologies and applications with flexible, cost-effective desktop solutions
  • Provide students and faculty with access to learning and resources anywhere, anytime, from any device
  • Streamline and automate desktop application and data management

Comply with the Common Core State Standards Initiative

Leveraging VMware Horizon to deliver online tests in a virtual desktop environment ensures compliance with Common Core state consortiums PARCC and Smarter Balanced technical and security requirements – while giving IT the flexibility to optimize the use of computing resources. With Horizon, security and privacy of student information is maintained while test integrity is preserved.

  • VMware has achieved “TestNav Qualified” status with Pearson, which is used by the PARCC state consortium. VMware is currently working on official certification with American Institutes for Research, which is used by the Smarter Balanced state consortium. In addition, the VMware Desktop as a Service offering, VMware Horizon® Air™ Desktops, has achieved “TestNav Qualified” status as well.
  • If test station hardware fails, a new test station can be brought up quickly to minimize downtime for test takers.
  • Delivery of online testing with virtual desktops speeds the rollout of online testing and eases support as everything is done from a central location.
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