Horizon (with View) allows organizations to deliver virtualized or remoted desktops and applications through a single platform and support end users with access to all of their desktops and applications through a single unified workspace.

Horizon 6 Marketecture

Horizon 6 Marketecture

Desktop and Applications Delivered Through a Single VDI Platform

Deliver virtual or remoted desktops and applications through a single virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) platform to streamline management, easily entitle end users and quickly deliver the Windows resources end users need, at the speed they require.

Horizon 6 now supports:

  • Single platform for delivering hosted applications and desktops running Microsoft Windows Remote Desktop Services

RDS Hosted Applications in Horizon 6

RDS Hosted Applications in Horizon 6

RDS Hosted Applications in Horizon 6 (4:17 min)

Unified Workspace with Great User Experience

With Horizon 6, IT can deliver desktops and applications (inclusive of hosted RDS apps, packaged ThinApps, SaaS apps and even virtualized apps from Citrix) to end users through a unified workspace with Blast Performance to enable consistently great experiences across devices, locations, media, and connections.

  • XenApp 5.0 and above, Microsoft hosted RDS apps and desktops for Windows Server 2008 and above, SaaS applications and packaged applications with ThinApp 5.0

Blast Performance includes:

  • Blast Adaptive UX. Optimized access across the WAN and LAN through an HTML browser or our purpose-built desktop protocol PCoIP.
  • Blast Multi-media. High performance multi-media streaming for rich user experience.
  • Blast 3D. Rich virtualized graphics with workstation-class performance delivered from the cloud.
    • VMware Horizon with NVIDIA GRID vGPU delivers rich 3D graphics from the cloud, to any device, at any location, more affordably than ever before.
  • Blast Live Communications. Fully optimized unified communications and real-time audio and video support. Horizon 6 now includes support for Microsoft Lync with Windows 8.
  • Blast Unity Touch. Intuitive and contextual user experience across devices making it easy to run Windows on mobile.
  • Blast Local Access. Access to local devices, USB and device peripherals.
  • Horizon Clients with Blast. Unified client for consistently great experience across devices and locations.

Closed-Loop Management and Automation with Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)

Horizon 6 ensures that IT can consolidate control, automate delivery and protect user computing resources.

Horizon 6 now includes support for:

Real-time Application Delivery and Management

  • Instantly provision applications at scale
  • Dynamically attach applications to users, groups or devices, even when users are logged onto their desktops
  • Provision, deliver, update and retire applications in real time

Policy and Image Management

  • Support for desktop and application provisioning and entitlement through View
  • Support for Mirage unified image management for streamlined management across physical devices and full clone virtual machines
  • A cloud pod architecture that allows IT to easily move and locate View pods across data centers and sites

Analytics and Automation

  • Cloud analytics with VMware vRealize Operations for Horizon provides comprehensive visibility across a desktop environment, allowing IT to optimize the health and performance of desktop and application services.

Orchestration and Self-Service

Horizon vRealize Orchestrator Plugin

Closed-Loop Management and Automation

Horizon vRealize Orchestrator Plugin (3:41 min)

Optimized for the Software-Defined Data Center

Horizon 6 extends the power of virtualization with virtual compute, virtual storage and virtual networking and security to drive down costs, enhance the user experience and deliver greater business agility.

Horizon 6 includes support for:

Virtual Compute

  • Leverage native storage optimizations from vSphere including Space Efficient Disk Utilization, Virtual Array Integration and Storage Acceleration to drive down storage costs while delivering a superior user experience.

VMware Virtual SAN

  • Virtual SAN automates storage provisioning and leverages direct- attached storage resources to drive down storage costs for desktop workloads.

Horizon 6 and VMware Virtual SAN

Horizon 6 and VMware Virtual SAN

Horizon 6 and VMware Virtual SAN (2:34 min)