SDK Support Program for vSphere APIs, SDKs, PowerCLI

The VMware SDK Support Program is intended to assist virtualization administrators and developers use supported SDK products around the vSphere platform. The service is focused on providing an administrator or developer with the VMware best practices for consuming these supported SDK products in Automation and Integration scenarios.

We support

  • Design Advice
  • Performance tuning advice
  • Code snippet review and advice
  • Problem diagnosis
  • Bugs report

We Don't Support

  • Production issues with customer code
  • End-to-end debugging of customer code
  • Development of customer code
  • Third party products used during development (e.g. IDE)

Definition of Terms

Design advice - guidance in the choice of approach and selection of supported methods that best meet the goals of your use case.

Performance tuning advice - guidance in the best practices around using supported APIs to achieve better performance.

Code snippet review and advice -guidance based on review of standalone code snippets for the purpose of insuring proper use of supported APIs.

Problem diagnosis - assistance with isolating a reported problem for the purposes of determining if the issue is with customer code or the supported API.

Bug reports - interacting with Engineering to find resolution for a problem discovered with a supported API.

Supported API - any publically documented API or method that is not denoted as experimental or deprecated.