VMware vCloud® Connector™ oversees and connects to private, public, or hybrid clouds that combines both, enabling users to move content from one cloud to another.

Connecting Clouds

vCloud Connector makes hybrid cloud computing easy. Bring your existing applications, workloads and templates to a public cloud such as the VMware vCloud® Air™ while retaining the freedom to move these applications back into your own data center when needed. Built-in compression, an improved and “path-optimized” multi-part transfer and checkpoint-restart makes transferring workloads between your connected clouds faster and more reliable than ever before.

Unified View into Cloud Workloads

Using the same vSphere® client that you use today, you can now view, copy and operate on workloads, including virtual machines, vApps and templates across internal data center and private or public clouds like the VMware vCloud Air. From the workloads view, you can view and manage virtual machines and vApps. From the catalogs view, you can view and manage your templates. Add up to ten public or private clouds to vCloud Connector to maximize your hybrid cloud footprint.

Data Center Extension

By extending the logical boundaries of the data center, you can accelerate the deployment time of your workloads while maintaining consistency across clouds. Data Center Extension (DCE) allows for the transfer of workloads across clouds without needing to reconfigure the network settings in the destination. This increases operational agility of the cloud, realizing “one network” to deliver your applications.

Content Sync

You can now manage a single content catalog across your entire cloud environment using Content Sync. With Content Sync, a source catalog is defined and all other “synchronized” catalogs will get any new templates added to the source. This facilitates greater collaboration by bringing remote locations together with the source. This also eases the management of multiple catalogs, increasing operational efficiency and deployment turnaround time.

Evolve Your Data Center

Easily attach compatible, scalable and compliant cloud resources to your private vSphere data center by using vCloud Connector and the vCloud Air. Built upon VMware vSphere and vCloud APIs, vCloud Connector allows customers to connect VMware vSphere or VMware® vCloud Director®-based private and public clouds and manage them under a single interface, evolving your data center into a hybrid cloud.