VMware vRealize Business™ Standard Edition provides the cost of a virtual machine and utilization of shared resources to help you better manage demand, budget, CapEx/OpEx; driving accountability over cloud resources to lower TCO. Optimize your costs and sourcing across internal virtual infrastructure / private cloud and public cloud.

Why Business Management for Cloud?

Cloud is accelerating choice for businesses – enabling them to source IT services from third parties instead of internal IT.

This change is forcing more and more IT Infrastructure teams to be transparent on the infrastructure services they offer. As a result, many infrastructure stakeholders are:

  1. challenged with determining the fully loaded cost of their infrastructure (costs, such as those associated with VMs, CPUs, memory, storage, network, and labor)
  2. questioned by the business on the cost of private vs. public cloud.

While the need to cost out infrastructure is increasing, the ability to do so quickly and easily is non-existent in most organizations. VMware can help address these challenges.

Business Management for Cloud
  • Provides cost and usage visibility of virtual infrastructure / private cloud and public cloud with out of the box integration with VMware vCenter, vRealize Automation, and vCloud Director.
  • Performs what-if analysis of virtual infrastructure / private cloud and public cloud, based on cost and utilization.
  • Automatically prices the services available through self-service in a hybrid cloud.
  • Provides out of the box benchmarks for cloud / virtual infrastructure environments, providing insight into capacity, costs, and efficiency.