Deploy vRealize Operations to start managing your virtual and physical environments with compliance and configuration management, visibility into health and performance and the ability to reclaim overprovisioned capacity.

vRealize Operations makes it easier for you to gain comprehensive visibility into the performance and health of your infrastructure and applications, reclaim overprovisioned capacity and ensure compliance with IT policies and regulatory requirements. vRealize Operations is built on an open and extensible platform so you can manage virtual and physical environments and even virtual machines running on other hypervisors and public clouds, like Amazon Web Services (AWS), with a single solution.

vRealize Operations virtual appliance can be deployed in about 15 minutes. Deploy more components of vRealize Operations – vRealize Infrastructure Navigator, vRealize Configuration Manager - to take full advantage of the operations dashboards, predictive performance analytics, capacity optimization, change and configuration management, and application discovery capabilities.

This page includes a whole host of videos and resources to help you understand and get started with vRealize Operations. Information included covers the following topics:

  • Easy-To-Use Interface
  • Alerting
  • Capacity Planning
  • Views, Reports, and Dashboards
  • Policies and Groups
  • User Access and Control
  • Configuration and Compliance Management
  • Intelligent Workload Placement
  • Analysis Badges
  • Installation and Migration

Easy-To-Use Interface

vRealize Operations has an easy-to-use, unified user interface that combines the best of what were previously called vSphere UI and Custom UI. The new user interface not only offers you the best experience to manage your virtual environment but also your storage, network, operating systems, applications and more.

Moreover, each class of object managed is treated as a first class citizen in the new UI, which means that the features and functions of vRealize Operations (badges, dynamic thresholds, custom dashboards, super-metrics, alerting, custom reports, capacity planning) work the same regardless of what you need to manage.

How To Video - Using the vRealize Operations UI

How To Video - Using the vRealize Operations UI

How To Video - Using the vRealize Operations UI (3:00 min)

Smart Alerts

The new smart alerts in vRealize Operations greatly reduce your mean-time-to-resolution (MTTR) by showing you not just the problem, but also providing information about what underlying factors are causing the problem, recommendations on how to fix it, and an Action button so you can resolve the issue immediately.

Out-of-the-box alert definitions provide you with subject matter expertise on your virtual environment as well as your storage, network, operating systems, applications and hybrid cloud deployments. Simple workspaces, or wizards, allow you to customize and build your own alerts built on symptoms from metric dynamic or static thresholds, faults, error messages, logs, etc.

Conceptual Video - Alerts and Symptoms

Conceptual Video - Alerts and Symptoms

Conceptual Video - Alerts and Symptoms (5:18 min)

Capacity Planning

vRealize Operations provides powerful capacity planning functionality through enhanced capacity algorithms, providing even more flexibility, better out-of-the-box default options and initial configuration wizards to help you set up your capacity policies.

Build a What-If capacity scenario to determine your future needs and hardware purchases and save it as a project so it is reflected throughout the management system. vRealize Operations also extends its capacity planning beyond the virtual environment and into heterogeneous environments for storage, network, operating systems and applications.

Conceptual Video - Capacity Planning Terms

Conceptual Video - Capacity Planning Terms (4:08 min)

Views, Reports and Dashboards

Customizable dashboards built from powerful widgets are still a mainstay of vRealize Operations and give you the ability to view your environment the way you and your users need to see it. The new Views feature allows you to extend this customizability into custom reporting.

Create powerful reports in a matter of minutes for greater visibility and better management of your environment with the Views and Reporting workspaces, or wizards.

Use Case Video - Custom Dashboards, Views and Reports

Use Case Video - Custom Dashboards, Views and Reports (5:27 min)

Policies and Groups

Groups and policies give you much-needed flexibility and ease of use so you can properly manage your development, test, production or hybrid environments.

Simply set up a group and policy for the environment you want to manage and use the workspaces, or wizards, to configure the settings for alerting, capacity planning, stress, buffers, etc. the way you need them and let vRealize Operations do the rest.

Conceptual Video - Groups and Policies

Conceptual Video - Groups and Policies (2:46 min)

User Access and Control

The new user access control methodology in vRealize Operations gives you greater flexibility when managing users and privileges. We provide a three-pronged approach, allowing you to leverage current VMware vCenter users, pull in users from Microsoft Active Directory and OpenLDAP, or create local vRealize Operations users. Once the users are set, you can associate them with the correct roles and determine who can do what, to which objects.

How To Video - Manage User Access Control

How To Video - Manage User Access Control

How To Video - Manage User Access Control (7:03 min)

Configuration & Compliance Management

Compliance ensures you are running your hosts, VMs and operating systems securely, using industry best practices and adhering to regulatory standards. By utilizing out-of-the-box compliance templates, you can quickly understand your compliance posture across your virtual, physical environments and operating systems, and then remediate the violations.

Use Case Video – vSphere Hardening

Use Case Video – vSphere Hardening

Use Case Video – vSphere Hardening (5:32 min)

Intelligent Workload Placement

Workloads are often placed sub-optimally, resulting in inefficient usage of clusters and chronic resource contention. Resolving contention by balancing resources is a difficult, time-consuming and non-strategic activity.

vRealize Operations lets you visualize how your workloads are distributed and utilized across the environment and see trends. You can take action to resolve resource contention and enable performance of applications and infrastructure.

vRealize Operations has tight integration with VMware Distributed Resource Scheduler (DRS) for Intelligent Workload Placement. It preserves the performance of workloads while balancing them across clusters. The enhanced integration with DRS is key when making and executing workload placement recommendations. vRealize Operations analytics determine cross-cluster placement opportunities, while DRS determines the best destination within clusters. All DRS affinity/anti-affinity rules & constraints are honored, and you can retain and leverage the enterprise class readiness capabilities of DRS (FT, HA, SRM, etc.).

The Workload Utilization Dashboard visually shows how your workloads are being utilized across data centers, clusters, and hosts. The Rebalance Action resolves contention and enables performance with an easy click to rebalance the data center or custom data center.

Use Case Video – Intelligent Workload Placement

Use Case Video – Intelligent Workload Placement

Use Case Video – Intelligent Workload Placement (4:06 min)

Analysis Badge Videos

vRealize Operations leverages a number of abstract ideas to help you quickly understand the health, capacity risk and efficiency of your environment. These analysis badges are unique to vRealize Operations and give you deep dives into things like the workloads, time-remaining and stress of an object and its children. Each badge has its own Details dashboard so you can quickly understand the issue at hand and determine the best course to resolve it.

Installation & Migration

vRealize Operations is built on a flexible new platform. The node and cluster architecture, together with remote collectors, provides new deployment options, high availability and much greater scalability to manage the largest customer environment.

Within a matter of minutes you can deploy a vRealize Operations virtual appliance, initialize the cluster, install your management packs and begin managing your environment with the out-of-the-box features of vRealize Operations.

How To Video - Deploying vRealize Operations

How To Video - Deploying vRealize Operations (4:38 min)