Virtualizing Microsoft Exchange for Improved Performance

Run Microsoft Exchange on VMware vSphere to not only match but exceed the performance of physical servers by 100 percent or more. Consolidate multiple Exchange server roles and mailboxes to reduce infrastructure footprint by 5X to 10X. Maximize Exchange availability without the complexity of Microsoft clustering. Right-size Exchange infrastructure and scale your mailboxes dynamically to support increasing loads.

Double the Performance of Your Exchange Infrastructure

Microsoft Exchange 2007 and 2010 perform very well on VMware vSphere. Run all Exchange server roles, including the mailbox server, on vSphere with confidence, to not only match but exceed the performance of physical servers. Each VMware vSphere virtual machine scales to 64 vCPU and 1 TB of memory, and can easily support the IO intensive requirements of Exchange mailbox servers. With VMware vSphere, multiple mailboxes can be scaled out on larger multicore servers to increase overall throughput. For example, on a 16-core server, we have demonstrated that VMware vSphere can double the maximum throughput achieved with Exchange 2007 from 8,000 to 16,000 end-user mailboxes.

How to Virtualize Exchange with VMware


Consolidate Exchange Infrastructure by 5X to 10X

Exchange infrastructure can typically be consolidated by 5X to 10X with vSphere. Consolidate multiple Exchange server roles onto shared physical servers and eliminate the need to deploy dedicated standby hosts for high availability and disaster recovery. Reduce costs by reducing the amount of hardware, thereby also reducing power, cooling and management costs.

Enhance the High Availability and Disaster Recovery of Exchange

Maximize Exchange availability without the complexity of Microsoft Clustering. Leverage the Application Services built into vSphere to provide simple and cost-effective high availability and disaster recovery for all Exchange server roles without needing dedicated standby servers. Simplify disaster recovery by reducing hardware compatibility constraints and the number of physical servers required at the recovery site.

Leverage Full Microsoft Support for VMware vSphere

Microsoft officially supports VMware vSphere, vMotion, HA and DRS in virtualized Exchange environments. Run Windows Server and Microsoft applications get cooperative support from Microsoft and VMware. Get the same level of support you received on physical servers.

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