Oracle Virtualization: Run Databases, Middleware and Applications on VMware

Virtualize your mission-critical Oracle software, including database, middleware and applications, and achieve quantifiable time-to-market and TCO improvements. A simplified IT environments lets your Oracle IT and application administrators better leverage your storage, network and computing resources to control costs and respond faster to changing business needs.


Respond to Changing Business Needs Faster

Install Oracle databases, middleware and applications on the most trusted virtualization platform and see how a dramatically simplified cloud infrastructure lets you get the most out of your existing resources.

Get Full Support from Oracle

Oracle fully supports the virtualization of Oracle databases on VMware. To augment Oracle’s support document, VMware also has a total ownership policy for customers with Oracle issues. VMware Support will accept accountability for any Oracle-related issue reported by a customer. By being accountable, VMware Support will drive the issue to resolution regardless of which vendor (VMware, Oracle or others) is responsible for the resolution. In most cases, reported issues can be resolved via configuration changes, bug fixes or feature enhancements by one of the involved vendors.

Learn about Oracle support and licensing and watch a demo of vMotion and Hot-Add

Learn about Oracle support and licensing and watch a demo of vMotion and Hot-Add (4:13 mins).

Reduce Licensing Cost While Staying Compliant with Oracle Licensing Policies

Take advantage of license consolidation by deploying Oracle databases to VMware vSphere clusters. Learn more about Oracle Certification, Support and Licensing for VMware Environments