Business Transformation Through IT Transformation

We would never recommend any technology or tools that we wouldn’t use ourselves. As part of our VMware on VMware strategy, we use the tools we believe unlock the potential of cloud computing: shifting IT processes, the software-defined data center, the hybrid cloud and end-user computing. This four-pronged approach enables us to fully leverage the capabilities of the Software-Defined Enterprise with a comprehensive, cost-effective and streamlined offering for you.

And, because we use the Customer One program—VMware's initiative to internally formalize its beta process and become a real-world customer—we are intimately familiar with the challenges you face on your own IT journey. Customer One is the new cornerstone of our work to not only enhance the customer experience, but also provide examples of how IT can transform the business.

As a result of making virtualization and cloud our default architectural strategies, 80 percent of our IT programs support business growth. Daily, we have the metrics to support this model: We can provision servers in minutes with improved reliability, we’ve optimized our SDLC process for speed and agility, and we have improved the customer experience and reduced costs by re-engineering customer portals to Open Source (SpringSource). In addition, our migration of CRM applications to the cloud has accelerated innovation and improved staff productivity.

On the path to virtualization and cloud, we have had some great successes, learned valuable lessons and have emerged with information to share. No matter where you are on your own IT journey, we hope that you find our experiences valuable.

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