Follow these best practices provided by our customers to successfully migrate to your Horizon 6 virtual desktop and application environment.

Horizon 6 extends the power of virtualization from the datacenter to devices

Horizon 6 extends the power of virtualization from the datacenter to devices

Horizon 6 delivers published applications and virtual desktops on a single integrated platform. (1:24 min)

Assess the Solution

  • Understand end-user expectations. Gather baseline performance data for your end-user environment. Identify the set of criteria that are important to your end users. Application launch times, log-in times and accessibility are important performance benchmarks to consider. Be sure to evaluate whether an on-premise solution like Horizon (with View) or a cloud-hosted desktop service like VMware Horizon Air Desktops (US only) or VMware Horizon DaaS Platform for Service Providers (Worldwide) will work best for you.
  • Understand your current environment. This assessment runs across various components of technology infrastructure and the internal IT skillset for project readiness. Once the assessment is complete, you will be able to better design an operational prototype, identify technology and skills gaps and uncover risks.
Desktop Management with Horizon View

Desktop Management with Horizon View

Conduct a Pilot

Consider the requirements and expectations of the technology as well as the business and end users. Environment testing and tuning are essential when simulating the behavior of end-user desktops in the real world.

  • Refine the prototype. During the pilot phase, monitor the environment performance, gather feedback from your pilot users and adjust the architectural elements needed to deliver the desired performance.
  • Define metrics. Identify the metrics that the solution will impact, ranging from CapEx to OpEx to end-user productivity measurements, and start tracking once you move from pilot to production. This sets a framework for reporting on the solution value.


Below are three ways to get started. Choose the method that best fits your needs and resources.

Deploy to Production

Continue to monitor and tune the environment for scale. Educate users on the change and leverage pilot end users as evangelists and experts in the organization.

  • Operationalize the new architecture. Once deployed, this new design should transition to operational teams for support, monitoring and tuning to deliver optimized performance. Revise IT processes for the virtual desktop model to maintain efficiencies through production.
  • Report value. Gather the previously identified metrics and share them within the organization to demonstrate value. Leverage the reported value to justify investments for future innovation.
  • Simple and Affordable VDI Get high-performance virtual desktops up and running in no time at all. EVO:RAIL with Horizon makes it possible with hyper-converged infrastructure.