VMware ThinApp is an agentless application virtualization solution that isolates applications from their underlying operating systems to eliminate application conflict and streamline delivery and management.

OS Migrations Made Easy

Quickly migrate your legacy applications to Windows 7 or Windows 10 without the need to recode, retest and recertify. Faster deployments with less testing mean your business applications will be in production sooner, minimizing downtime and reducing business risks.

To make things even easier, you can automatically convert silent-installed applications to ThinApp packages. And, if you've already packaged applications with ThinApp for use on XP or older versions of Windows, you can easily convert them to the ThinApp Windows format with ThinApp's Relink feature.

Application Isolation for Zero Conflicts

Package an entire 32-bit or 64-bit application and its settings into a single .MSI or .EXE executable that can be deployed to many Windows operating environments. These virtual applications are isolated from each other and execute independently without making changes to the underlying operating system, eliminating application-to-application conflict as well as application-to-OS conflicts.

Isolated applications in ThinApp run in a virtual bubble in restricted user accounts without requiring any host modification. Because applications run independently of each other, you can deploy Office 97, 2003, 2007, Internet Explorer and .NET applications or custom applications on the same OS without conflict.

No Application Silos

The traditional IT model of one application per server requires dedicated hardware for specific applications that cannot coexist, whether for technical reasons or concerns about data isolation. ThinApp eliminates these application silos for better use of existing assets while making your applications easier to manage and deploy.

Security without System Changes

Many industries enforce PC lockdown to meet legal and compliance regulations. With ThinApp, applications can run in restricted user accounts on locked-down PCs with no system changes and without reducing the security policy. ThinApp has no kernel-mode code and cannot violate machine group policy applied to user accounts. This makes virtualized packages safe to deploy in environments where security and stability are vital.

Furthermore, Microsoft security guidelines recommend purchasing user-mode solutions to reduce the potential and scope of security vulnerabilities. Because ThinApp operates entirely in user mode, it cannot give application-elevated permissions to devices on the machine, such as the real file system or registry, networking devices, printers and so on, which prevents unintended policy violations. Device drivers cannot compromise machine security or cause system crashes.

Mobile Access

Whether on the road or in the office, users require reliable and flexible application access across devices. With ThinApp, they don't need to install software or device drivers and don't need admin rights. Applications run directly from portable storage devices, including Flash drives.