vCloud Products and Solutions

VMware is committed to delivering growth and differentiation to service providers by increasing infrastructure utilization and helping service providers rapidly enter cloud markets for infrastructure, platforms and software as a service. By deploying VMware vCloud products and solutions, service providers benefit from support and maintenance from and cloud roadmap alignment with VMware.

VMware vCloud Director

VMware vCloud Director is a cloud infrastructure platform that is binary-compatible with existing VMware virtualized applications, making it simple to for enterprise customers to move VMware virtualized applications to an external public cloud datacenter using identical security, user authentication and roles based access. This reduces your time to market and clears the compatibility and security barriers to enterprise cloud adoption. Start out by being compatible with over hundreds of thousands of enterprises already running VMware. Ensure quality of service and compliance with security and regulatory standards while providing the core characteristics of elasticity, scale and security.

  • Support Multi-Tenant Environments: Group users into organizations (virtual datacenters) that can represent any policy group. Each has isolated virtual resources, independent LDAP-authentication, specific policy controls, and unique catalogs.
  • VMware vCloud Networking and Security Technologies: Integrated VMware vCloud Networking and Security technologies such as perimeter protection, port-level firewall, and NAT and DHCP services, offer virtualization-aware security, simplify application deployment and enforce boundaries required by compliance standards.
  • Anti-Denial-of-Service: Protect the overall system from end user malpractice/malicious behavior by providing upper limits for the number of operations any given user can perform against the system in parallel
  • Compliance Enabler: Role Based Access Control, granular user and system activity logging, and firewall capabilities help provide auditable security controls.
  • Service Tiers: Offer multiple tiers of services based on customer needs, differentiated by availability and performance SLAs and consumption models ranging from pay-as-you-go to resource pool-based.
  • Infrastructure Service Catalog: Offer pre-configured, on-demand infrastructure and application services and templates such as virtual appliances, virtual machines, operating system images and other media. VMware is actively engaged in cloud ecosystem development with leading vCloud ISVs, creating a growing stable of applications compatible with private and public clouds based on VMware vCloud Director.
  • Web-Based Self-Service Portal: Give users direct access to their catalogs and virtual datacenters through a user-friendly web portal. Create your own UI portal, through the vCloud API, and brand it as per your guidelines. You also have the option of rebranding VMware vCloud Director’s modern FLEX based UI as a ‘VMware Virtualized’ or a ‘vCloud Powered’ service offering.
  • vCloud API: VMware Cloud Director implements the vCloud API, providing programmatic access to your cloud infrastructure, while using the same API as all other VMware-based clouds. You can easily extend the API to expose additional capabilities of your cloud.

VMware vSphere

VMware Cloud Director coupled with VMware vSphere provides fully multi-tenant architectures so you can pool hardware resources to serve many customers at the same time with the isolation and security that enterprise customers demand. You get out-of-the box configurable network isolation, virtual machine isolation and storage isolation. vSphere 4.1 now offers the same level of control for storage and network resources as it does for CPU so you can pack more enterprise cloud computing workloads onto less hardware, increasing margins.

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