The End of (Physical) Infrastructure

IT has evolved. Whereas once it was primarily responsive—build this, fix that—it is now about how to proactively enable businesses to build better products and market them to customers. The question becomes, how do we devote more time to provisioning business users with new capabilities and less time on infrastructure? Part of the answer is the software-defined data center, where compute, storage, network and security are all virtualized and automated by software.

Once IT can stop spending time wiring things together and installing and maintaining physical infrastructure, it can focus more on using software to change configurations. We have developed our own software-defined data center in order to build and test software-defined networks and architect the methods to ensure the security of these environments. Our Customer One program gives us insight into real-world use case scenarios, further enabling us to validate and optimize our solutions.

See our top case studies below, or visit the Resource Library to learn more about where the rubber meets the road in building the IT workforce of the future.

Latest Case Study: Using the Power of Software-Defined Storage (Virtual SAN) for Managing VMware View Desktops

How do you ensure a solution is ready to support a production environment while managing risk to the business? This is the same question in every IT organization. To address this challenge, we deployed VMware® Virtual SAN™ as part of our Customer One initiative, an IT partnership with VMware Research and Development and Global Services and Support designed to literally put VMware IT in the customer’s shoes prior to the general release of a product.

IT Says Goodbye to Managing Systems: Realizing the Vision of the Software-Defined Data Center

Our end users are getting new services faster, and our IT has improved its own agility, freeing human capital to focus on higher value-add tasks and eliminating the need to manage hardware or infrastructure. The enabler is VMware’s first software-defined data center (SDDC), which runs the lower part of the stack entirely through automation.

IT and Disaster Recovery: What Happens When “What If” Happens?

Safeguarding corporate assets, information and people in the event of a disaster is a business imperative in a world experiencing epic fires, floods, tsunamis, earthquakes and, in the case of VMware, even a plane crash. In the wake of that event, VMware launched an enterprise-wide disaster recovery program, a multi-phase and cross-organizational effort that includes business protocols for C-level oversight in the event of a disaster and a business continuity program.