Premier Business Partner

IBM and VMware are two partners that customers can trust with their end-to-end Information Technology needs and have implemented proven solutions together for tens of thousands of companies across the globe. IBM and VMware have the distinction of being the two original innovators in virtualization technology. IBM invented computer virtualization with the mainframe back in the 70’s and VMware innovated virtualization on the x86 platform back in the 90’s. IBM became VMware’s first OEM partner back in 1998 and the two companies develop joint solutions that help customers optimize and simplify their IT infrastructure to drive down operating costs and create high performing and resilient systems to run business critical applications.

Together, IBM and VMware solutions are unmatched in their quality, completeness, and value for customers. One of the most recent and very exciting solutions we’ve developed together is the IBM PureFlex™ System that is featured in the Enterprise Solutions tab and in the video on this page:

Enterprise Solutions

IBM PureFlex(™) System with VMware

An IBM PureFlex System with VMware combines compute, storage, systems networking, virtualization and management into a single infrastructure system that is preconfigured to simplify and accelerate a private cloud deployment.   With the IBM PureFlex System™ and VMware you get an integrated hardware and software solution for a cloud-ready infrastructure to run your critical applications or virtual desktop solution with confidence.

IBM SmartCloud™ Desktop Infrastructure with VMware

VMware and IBM have developed a new comprehensive desktop virtualization solution unlike any other on the market. This solution combines the latest proven technology that forms an ideal foundation for your private desktop cloud. With VMware vSphere and Horizon (with View) running on the new IBM PureFlex system, you can confidently virtualize your desktop images on a platform that delivers the security and performance you need to ensure an outstanding user experience with the scalability and centralized management needed to optimize your IT investment.