Spotlight: Security Built for VMware

VMware and Trend Micro have partnered to deliver the first agentless security platform for VMware. Designed for both virtualized desktops and datacenters, the joint solution includes the following components:

  • VMware vSphere delivers the foundation to transform datacenters into dynamic, simplified infrastrctures for private, public and hybrid cloud environments.
  • VMware vShield Endpoint, which is part of vSphere optimizes security for use in VMware vSphere and VMware Horizon 6 environments. It enables offloading of security processing to dedicated, security-hardened virtual machines delivered by VMware partners.
  • Trend Micro Deep Security provides a security-hardened virtual machine that integrates with vShield Endpoint and other VMware APIs to offer agentless antivirus, integrity monitoring, intrusion detection and prevention, firewall, virtual patching, and Web application protection for VMware virtual machines.
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Deep Security options for VMware virtual machines:

  • Anti-Malware integrates with VMware APIs to provide agentless anti-malware protection for VMware virtual machines with zero in-guest footprint. Optimizes security operations to avoid antivirus storms commonly seen in full system scans and pattern updates.

  • Integrity Monitoring available in agentless form factor, ensures timely protection against known and zero-day attacks by detecting and reporting malicious and unexpected changes to files, systems registry and hypervisor in real time.

  • Web Reputation available in agentless form factor, leverages Trend MicroTM Smart Protection Network and to strengthen protection against web threats for servers and virtual desktops by safeguarding users and applications by blocking access to malicious URLs.

  • Intrusion Detection and Prevention provides agentless vulnerability shielding for virtualized data centers by shielding known vulnerabilities from unlimited exploits in critical systems until a patch is deployed or in place of a future patch that may never materialize. Enables PCI compliance by defending against vulnerabilities and identifies malicious software accessing the network.

  • Firewall decreases the attack surface of physical, cloud and virtual servers with central management of server firewall policy using bi-directional stateful firewall. Supports virtual machine zoning and prevents Denial of Service attacks.

  • Log Inspection provides visibility into important security events buried in log files with collection and analysis of operating system and application logs, security events and administrative events across a datacenter.


  • Higher Density by offloading security scans from individual virtual machines to a single security virtual appliance on each vSphere host
  • Optimized Resources by eliminating antivirus storms and resource contention from multiple security agents
  • Simplified Management by eliminating agents and the need to configure and update each one
  • Stronger Security by providing instant-on protection for new virtual machines and tamper-proof security coordinated by the dedicated security appliance

Trend Micro Secure Cloud

Trend Micro SecureCloud™ makes it possible for businesses to encrypt and control data in public and private cloud environments via patent-pending, simple policy-based key management. It gives businesses power over how and where data is accessed and greatly reduces the complexity of inherent in traditional key management solutions. SecureCloud is offered as an on-premise console or as a remote Software-as-a-Service solution.

  • Protection for: Private and public cloud computing
  • Leverages: vCloud APIs

VMware Ready Security Virtual Appliances

Trend Micro offers a range of enterprise VMware-Ready – and VMware Ready for Email Security—virtual appliances for gateway security, including:

  • Web Security: Stops web threats at the gateway with a consolidated web security solution that combines powerful URL filtering, real-time web reputation and award-winning malware scanning.
  • Web Reporting: Provides real-time visibility of Internet activity and how it is impacting the organization, thus ensuring resources are most effectively managed.
  • Messaging Security: Defends the enterprise at the email gateway by combining multi-tiered anti-spam and reputation filtering with award-winning anti-virus and anti-spyware.
  • Email Encryption: Enables organizations to enforce compliance requirements and to ensure that confidential information is delivered securely.
  • Data Loss Prevention: Protects customer data and intellectual property from the growing volume of threats — whether it’s data-stealing malware, hackers, accidental loss, or malicious insider leaks.

* Note: Trend Micro also offers an agent-based anti-malware solution that is optimized for VMware Horizon 6, and is well-suited to organizations that:

  • Are running older versions of Horizon 6
  • Want to deploy VDI with untethered or offline VMs that will be in active use
  • Want to run the same security solution across all their physical and virtual desktops, including desktop security capabilities beyond AV, such as behavioral monitoring and web reputation monitoring