VMware vFabric® Postgres is a SQL relational database that lowers your TCO and increases big data virtualization efficiency.

Proven SQL Database

Leverage existing PostgreSQL tools, including the latest features from Postgres 9.2, in your virtual environment to improve data management.

vFabric Postgres is compatible with open source PostgreSQL and has more than 15 years of development history. You can leverage all PostgreSQL tools and extensions with vFabric Postgres and take advantage of trusted VMware support.

With vFabric Postgres you:

  • Get all PostgreSQL 9.2 features
  • Leverage existing PostgreSQL tools and clients
  • Get 24/7 support from VMware specialists

Compatibility with Postgres 9.2 means:

  • Improved linear scalability
  • Improved read and write capability
  • Index-only scanning
  • Reduced power usage
  • Native JSON support
  • Cascading replication
  • Broader range-type support

Please note that compatibility with Postgres 9.2 requires VMware vSphere 5.0™ and VMware vCenter™ 5.0, except for development and testing on VMware® Workstation™, VMware® Player™ or VMware Fusion®.

PostgresSQL Optimizations

vFabric Postgres is optimized for VMware vSphere® and vFabric to increase agility and efficiency at the database tier. Key optimizations include:

  • Virtual appliance - vFabric Postgres is available as a ready-to-deploy virtual appliance on vSphere, reducing the time database administrators spend on installation.
  • Elastic database memory - Databases leverage the virtual resource capabilities in vSphere while maintaining consistent performance, even with unexpected workload spikes. vFabric Postgres elastic database memory can be managed by VMware vFabric® Data Director™.
  • Smart database configuration - The smart database configuration algorithm automatically derives optimized database configurations based on the virtual machine’s vCPU and RAM, saving valuable database administrator time.
  • High availability - vFabric Postgres is optimized with vSphere-based high availability.
  • Management capabilities - vFabric Postgres leverages the deployment and life-cycle management capabilities of vFabric Data Director.
  • Checkpoint tuning - In I/O-constrained environments, checkpointing activity can alternate between heavy and light. By default, vFabric Postgres reduces the likelihood of database throughput oscillations by performing dynamic checkpoint tuning to avoid rapid changes in available I/O bandwidth or database workloads.

Easy Deployment

Smart Configuration makes vFabric Postgres ready to deploy and reduces the need for specialized PostgreSQL knowledge. Deploy vFabric Postgres as a virtual appliance on vSphere or as an RPM for Linux. Manage vPostgres databases using vFabric Data Director, or use client tools to connect to Postgres databases, load data, run scripts, perform backups and run applications.