Enable Learning Without Limits with VMware

As schools work towards sustainable digital learning ecosystems, IT must find solutions that transform the classroom, expand access and connectivity, and make it all manageable and secure. As a proven leader in cloud infrastructure and enterprise-grade, education-ready mobility, VMware is helping K-12 education evolve to meet the needs of tomorrow’s learners.

  • Bulletproof security fortifies schools and districts from the inside out, protecting sensitive information and infrastructure.
  • Transformative technology brings breakthrough performance and efficiency to the daily operations of digital learning.
  • Seamless mobility extends access to education resources across districts and communities.

VMware solutions help K-12 IT support new models of teaching and learning, strengthen and simplify critical IT infrastructure, and ensure total information security.


VMware NSX Helps Transform Fulton County Schools

Fulton County Schools leverages VMware NSX micro-segmentation of virtual firewalls and be able to protect their horizontal traffic as well as the vertical traffic in and out of the virtual environment.

Take a Zero Trust Approach to K-12 Security

Technology-transformed learning creates new opportunities, but also new risks, and traditional IT security can’t keep up. VMware NSX uses software-driven micro-segmentation to create compartmentalized, workload-specific security that guards against  'lateral threats’ that bypass perimeter defenses and linger in the data center, slowly compromising resource after resource.

This Zero Trust approach assumes every connection is untrusted until policy says otherwise, building precise, iron-clad defenses that help decision-makers extend their digital learning services with confidence. This not only minimizes the chances of data center compromise, it simplifies the daily work of IT security.

E-Rate Eligibility Makes a Great Idea Even Better

New risks don’t come with new budget, so IT is tasked with battling never-ending threats with very finite dollars. Luckily, the deep, robust security of VMware NSX is now eligible for E-rate funding, making the tremendous power of Zero Trust networks an even smarter approach to comprehensive K-12 IT security.


Learn how E-Rate puts NSX in easy reach.

Big News From Forrester on Zero Trust

This report addresses new security vulnerabilities and how Zero Trust is critical to achieving complete data protection.

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Accelerate IT with Transformative Technology

The demands of digital education and assessment give IT an opportunity to help decision-makers match new needs with solutions that not only deliver immediate productivity but also simplify environments going forward. This requires solutions built to connect users and information across diverse networks and devices, delivering an intuitive, consistent experience that boosts student outcomes. 


VMware Horizon is helping districts and schools around the world do exactly that, seamlessly virtualizing the desktop experience for both end-users and IT. This means high-quality usability and collaboration on nearly any device – all backed by easy deployment and simple, centralized manageability on the backend – on both school-issued and BYO devices. 


Making good on the promise of learning everywhere also requires a commitment to compliance, especially around student assessment. VMware Horizon is officially “TestNav Qualified” with Pearson, giving both IT and instructional decision-makers a single solution for teaching and testing to new standards.


VMware Delivering Common Core Testing and Digital Equality at Baltimore Public Schools

Baltimore City Public Schools, with 85,000 students, leverages VMware Horizon to deliver their Common Core PARCC online testing as well as in their efforts to promote Digital Equality for all of their students.

Make Mobility Manageable and Seamless 

Make Mobility Manageable and Seamless

As digital learning expands the reach of the classroom, connecting campuses and communities in innovative new ways is critical to stronger education equity and outcomes. As expectations around this new mobility grow, it’s up to IT to ensure it can be easily managed, scaled, and secured across any device owned by the school or students.


VMware AirWatch gives teachers and IT tools to help manage this new, crowded, busy, digital classroom, simplifying endpoint management and boosting interoperability of device operating systems and applications. Any student, any device, any connection – learning is now easier than ever, with shared workspaces and easy collaboration.


Create a multitenant architecture that grows with demand, all managed with easy policy and process on the backend. Enroll and authenticate devices in real-time, then give teachers and administrators the ability to carefully manage the experience with AirWatch Teacher Tools, filtering content and restricting applications even when the device leaves the network. It’s the promise of mobility made real for K-12, all from a technology partner you can trust.


A 24/7 Learning Platform

Buffalo Public Schools (BPS) is leveraging VMware technology to enable broad access to computing for their students.

Robust, Resilient Infrastructure


“NSX has provided us flexibility we simply did not have before.”

Brian Mislavsky,

The George Washington University  

Higher Education 

Meet Expanding Student Expectations and Institution Demands

Today colleges and universities are being tested by evolving student demands, new models of learning, and a competitive educational landscape. The VMware portfolio of solutions provide game-changing efficiency, helping institutions evolve their IT infrastructure to meet these challenges,

  • Transformative technology can extend existing infrastructure to meet the demands of important new data center and productivity solutions.
  • Bulletproof security guards institution resources and reputation from the inside out, protecting against threats that are evolving in both number and complexity.
  • Seamless mobility helps deliver learning and business services to diverse applications, users, devices, and locations.

VMware solutions are created to support new models of teaching and learning, a strengthened and simplified IT infrastructure, and robust protection of institution information and assets.


Queens University relies on VMware to guarantee worry-free availability of critical learning services

Queens University of Charlotte needs a platform that allows students to log in from anywhere, at any time to support its global learning and understanding initiatives—and that’s where VMware comes in.

Big News From Forrester on Zero Trust

This report addresses new security vulnerabilities and how Zero Trust is critical to achieving complete data protection.

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Unleash Transformative End-to-End Technology

As the data center becomes the focal point for deep technology innovation, vCloud Air is the ideal solution for maximizing the impact and efficiency of your IT investments. Get the fluid workload portability, streamlined app development and deployment, and always-responsive capacity needed to make learning happen where and when it happens.


This flexibility is essential to creating solutions that match the demands of decentralized decision-makers all working to support their own diverse program needs. From student-facing applications to high-powered research computing capacity, vCloud Air and the rest of the VMware portfolio are ready for the challenges of today’s higher ed.

Build Bulletproof Security

Technology-driven learning creates new opportunities, but also generates new risk. Security is always top priority, even as decision-makers also demand nonstop access and innovation. Traditional solutions can’t deliver this balance, but VMware NSX was purpose-built for the challenge, giving IT granular control that starts in the data center and finishes at the endpoint.


Classic perimeter security models focus on protecting the outside. VMware NSX works from the inside out, creating a Zero Trust network built around granular, workload-specific security that guards against dangerous lateral threats that breach perimeter defenses and may linger, undetected, in the data center for months.

Empower Seamless Mobility

Learning today is less about place and more about purpose. This means the modern campus depends on connectivity and collaboration, not physical spaces and places, to make good on the promise of higher education. VMware AirWatch helps make mobility simple and manageable, connecting diverse endpoints to always expanding digital tools and resources. 


Ultimately, this means creating compute and collaboration experiences that are intuitive and friendly to end-users without increasing the size or complexity of the IT workload. Whether it’s managing staff devices or opening the door to truly secure BYOD, AirWatch makes mobility matter in higher ed.

Case Study: MIT Media Lab

Podcast: MIT Media Lab Computing Director Details the Virtues of Cloud Computing for Agility and DR.

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GWU uses NSX for security and multi-tenancy

Delivering services now in minutes, GWU uses VMware NSX for security and multi-tenancy; as well as improving scalability by automating IT integrating vRealize Automation. GWU uses Horizon DaaS leveraging NSX to provide self-service.

Open, Dependable Infrastructure

“We have a continuously running service in the cloud that analyzes our infrastructure.”

- Tom McMahon, Weill Cornell Medical College

Compliance Made Simple

“We can template environments, spin up VMs, and say this is a HIPAA-complaint system.” 

- Brian Pietrewicz, University of New Mexico

EUC for K-12

The Secure Digital Backpack for Primary and Secondary Education

Classroom learning is no longer limited to the physical confines of schools and mobile devices are increasingly being used to engage students in new and compelling ways. The VMware Secure Digital Backpack for Primary and Secondary Education—powered by VMware Workspace ONE—provides students and teachers with protected anytime, anywhere mobile access to digital resources, enabling limitless learning.


VMware Secure Digital Backpack for Education

Learn how the Secure Digital Backpack, powered by Workspace ONE, provides students with anytime, anywhere access to a personalized digital learning environment.

What is the Digital Workspace?

Understand the opportunities for your school with consumer simple, enterprise secure: Workspace ONE.

Learn more

Meet the Digital Needs of Your Institution

Get integrated identity, application and enterprise mobility management.

Configure your Digital Workspace

Support Equal Access to Digital Learning Environment for Students

Balance the computing resources available to primary and secondary students  outside of the classroom. The Secure Digital Backpack solution delivers a rich educational experience to any device, anytime, anywhere.

  • Enable students to remotely access coursework, including native, web, and even high-performance 3D applications, using a workspace from any location.
  • Set device enrollment and conditional access policies to help secure student and teacher data while providing flexibility to access the information they need.
  • Extend resources by grade or specific class assignment based on identity.

VMware Primary Secondary Education

VMware is enabling the transformation of school infrastructure to support limitless learning and help administrators, teachers, parents and school communities.

Align with School Policies and Comply with Government Mandates


Easily manage device policies and assessments in compliance with school and government mandates. The Secure Digital Backpack provides comprehensive IT administrator management capabilities across all major device types and operating systems.

  • Rely on one solution to meet policy and assessment requirements and deliver the resources needed to achieve learning objectives.
  • Ensure standardized testing software for Common Core and PARCC is delivered consistently and securely. The VMware Online Testing solution is Pearson TestNav Qualified.
  • Quickly transition testing stations back into student learning environments.

Supporting Common Core Standards

VMware Horizon View Supports Common Core State Standards Initiative and Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium Testing Platform at Somerset School District in Wisconsin.

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'Going Mobile'

AirWatch Secures and Manages 13,000 iPads for Mans eld’s 1:1 Mobile Device Deployment

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Enable New Mobile Teaching Models

Use the Secure Digital Backpack solution to embrace students’ familiarity with educational apps and eBooks on mobile devices and improve learning. Speed the integration of new teaching models in the classroom.

  • Improve teacher-student interactions and implement personalized student learning plans.
  • Give teachers basic device management capabilities to reduce reliance on IT administrators for troubleshooting and to minimize classroom disruption.

Girls’ Day School

See how VMware is helping a U.K.-based primary and secondary school for girls empower students and teachers with mobile devices.

Maximize Operational Efficiencies in a Budget-Constrained Environment

Deliver more computing resources to all students with limited budget and staff. The Secure Digital Backpack helps schools deploy software on thin clients instead of traditional, costlier to manage, desktop PCs and terminals.

  • Securely support 1:1 and BYOD initiatives that give all students access to digital coursework (e.g., tablets or Chromebooks) or enable students to use their own devices.
  • Repurpose existing investments to support the computing requirements of today’s apps.
  • Centralize desktop image deployment and centrally manage devices.

VMware supports the Apple Device Enrollment Program (DEP) which automatically provisions devices over the air, expediting the time it takes mobile devices to be ready for school use. VMware also supports Apple Volume Purchase Program (VPP) functionality, enabling school-purchased apps to be pushed to devices and pulled back to be reused for other students.

Transform Learning in the Classroom, Campus and Community

McAllen ISD – Sets the Bar for Today’s Modern Classroom with AirWatch and F5.

EUC for Higher Education

The Secure Digital Backpack for Higher Education

Amid pressures to increase education accessibility, affordability and quality, academic institutions need to attract and retain students while finding innovative ways to enhance learning. The VMware Secure Digital Backpack for Higher Education—powered by Workspace ONE— moves with students, faculty, and staff throughout their day, unifying user, desktop and mobile device management to enable limitless learning.

Menlo College

Hear how a single VMware solution is being used at Menlo College for multiple use cases—computer labs, faculty, specialized end-user software delivery and more.

What is the Digital Workspace?

Understand the opportunities for your academic institution with consumer simple, enterprise secure: Workspace ONE.

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App Distribution and Cost Savings

UC College of Nursing Redesigns Course Delivery with iPads Managed by AirWatch.

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Securely Support BYOD to Fit Student and Faculty Workstyles

Deliver coursework, digital resources, and college-specific apps securely to students to enable new teaching models. The Secure Digital Backpack combines identity and device management to enforce access based on a range of conditions such as authentication strength, network, location and device compliance.

  • Enable users to choose the best device for the task at hand, easing BYOD adoption.
  • Support mobile device, secure folder and application authentication with single sign-on.
  • Gain a single unified platform for user, desktop, and mobile device management.

BYOD solutions for North Carolina State University

North Carolina State University is leveraging Horizon virtualized desktops to help address the BYOD challenge they face from students and faculty.

Deliver a Powerful, Consistent Campus Computing Experience

Provide access to Windows, software as a service (SaaS), cloud native and mobile native applications, to any device, in any location. The Secure Digital Backpack solution helps ensure authorized users have high-performance educational resources and applications at their fingertips—from anywhere, on- and off-campus.

  • Improve productivity, lower risks and costs with a unified application catalog.
  • Extend resources to students by course assignment with secure identity capabilities.
  • Deliver access to high-performance, 3D applications from anywhere, at any time.

College of Europe Implements an Easy to Manage VDI Environment

College of Europe implemented Horizon for their desktop environment (VDI) so they can offer users fsat access to the right data dns upport BYOD.

Enable an Anytime, Anywhere, Any Device Computer Lab in the Cloud

Give students a 24/7 computer lab for around-the-clock access to full-scale applications and programs while reducing reliance on institution-owned equipment. The Secure Digital Backpack helps colleges deliver access to key resources outside of the physical confines of traditional computer labs and libraries.

  • Share app licenses and devices with multiple users to maximize availability and use.
  • Expand accessibility while increasing security and reducing IT costs.
  • Reclaim expensive classroom and lab space.

Case Study: UMass Lowell

UMass Lowell Uses Virtual Desktop Solution Designed for High-Performance Graphics to Drive Academic Accessibility and Success.

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How Desktop-as-a-Service Can Solve Higher Education’s End-User Computing Challenges

Colleges and universities face considerable end-user computing challenges today. Here’s how moving to cloud- hosted desktops and apps as-a-service can help.

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Maximize Operational Efficiencies in a Budget-Constrained Environment

Expand IT services and innovate without increasing staff or budgets. Use the Secure Digital Backpack to repurpose PCs as thin clients, supporting an up-to-date Windows environment with desktop virtualization.

  • Reduce capital expenses by extending the life of existing IT investments.
  • Improve operational efficiency by automating app distribution and updates on the fly.
  • Meet regulations and maintain security policies through data centralization, data loss prevention policies, encryption, automated compliance and remediation, and remote device wipe.

St. Edward’s Mobilizes Students and Faculty

“AirWatch Secure Content Locker will enhance the strength of our security. That is a major win, not only for our university, but for our clientele, because it allows them to access data and truly do their work.”

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Drenthe College saves more than one million Euros on their yearly IT costs


“We have only IT administrator for the whole environment.”

Jacco Heikoop,

IT Manager, Drenthe College