Compatible, secure hybrid and public cloud services for every customer

vCloud Air Network

Bypass the risks and uncertainties of commodity public clouds and incompatible hybrid clouds with robust and secure, infrastructure services you can choose and use with confidence. Delivered by the VMware vCloud Air Network, consisting of VMware vCloud Air and our ecosystem of over 3,800 VMware vCloud Air Network Service Providers, VMware vCloud Air Network Services are built on the same proven VMware cloud technology that more than 500,000 enterprises depend on in their datacenters. This makes VMware vCloud Air Network Services inherently and fully compatible with your internal environment so you can deploy and scale new and legacy applications without recoding.

VMware vCloud Air Network Services let you quickly realize the compatibility, agility and scalability of VMware based hybrid clouds or deploy your workloads directly on a public cloud:

  • Extend your datacenter. Gain the freedom to move workloads from your virtualized datacenter to a secure public cloud, with the flexibility to transfer them back and forth as needed.
  • Secure your infrastructure. Confidently pool and deploy critical workloads and applications to a public cloud built on a comprehensive and proven security framework.
  • Access a broad ecosystem. Choose VMware vCloud Air or among a wide range of VMware vCloud Air Network Service Providers available worldwide offering cloud solutions tailored to meet any use case or business need.

Your Hybrid and Public Cloud on a Trusted Secure Foundation

VMware vCloud Air Network Services are engineered on VMware vSphere and VMware vCloud Director. This unique combination provides complete multi-level security and a multitenant architecture that reduces complexity and ensures policy implementation that can be consistent with your internal datacenter.

Experience Compatibility in a Hybrid Cloud

With today's constrained budgets, it is no longer cost-effective to burn IT capital and overhead on standby capacity for periodic or unpredictable demand peaks. Instead, more and more companies are turning to VMware vCloud Air Network Services for ready resources right when they need them—to deliver value to users and lines of business much more rapidly and affordably. Full VMware compatibility means data and applications are portable between your datacenter and VMware vCloud Network Air Services infrastructure, either through VMware vCloud Air or our ecosystem of VMware vCloud Air Network Service Providers. Using VMware vCloud Connector console, you can quickly move virtual machines, vApps and templates back and forth between your internal data center and vCloud Air Network Services offerings.

Quickly Obtain the Right Infrastructure Resources

You could be an IT manager, administrator, or department head looking for on-demand capacity for a seasonal or special project or a developer in search of a test/dev cloud environment. Whatever your role and requirements, there are VMware vCloud Network Air Services offerings optimized to fulfill them: development and testing, training, technical support, seasonal and transient workloads, batch processing, disaster recovery, start-up environments and practically any other use case.

Wherever you're located, it's easy to connect with a VMware vCloud Air Network Service Provider supplying the kind of services you need. In fact, you can start right here and now: