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Understanding Virtualization

Server virtualization is the remedy for costly infrastructure sprawl, allowing you to run multiple operating systems and applications on a single computer and improve productivity by reducing physical servers, with each operating at full computing capacity. Virtualization is also the foundation for cloud infrastructures that ensure efficiency across all data center services.

Understanding Virtualization

Understanding Virtualization (2:57 min)

Virtualization Offerings

VMware offers multiple virtualization offerings to meet the needs of any organization.

If you are looking to virtualize your data center with vSphere, you can choose from three vSphere editions.

If you are looking to virtualize remote sites or branch offices, you can choose from two vSphere Remote Office Branch Office editions.

Smaller organizations can quickly get started with vSphere Essentials and Essentials Plus Kits, which combine multiple vSphere licenses with vCenter Server for central management.

If you are looking to virtualize and gain insight to workload capacity and performance, you can choose from three vSphere with Operations Management editions. Acceleration Kits, which combine multiple vSphere with Operations Management licenses with vCenter Server for central management, are a great place to start if you are looking for an all-in-one package offering that allows you to deploy virtualization quickly and scale later on as your environment grows.

Managing vSphere

Get the leading server virtualization platform and automated IT operations management with vSphere with Operations Management, a bundle containing vSphere and vRealize Operations Standard. vSphere with Operations Management lets you:

  • Maximize the benefits of your virtualized infrastructure, with easy-to-use, unified and consistent management.
  • Gain the visibility and insights needed to proactively improve performance and avoid disruption with built-in availability, predictive analytics and comprehensive visibility in one place.
  • Expand the benefits of automation with increased control over your automated IT processes using customizable templates pre-set for standard configurations.

Learn more about how to manage vSphere using vSphere with Operations Management.


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