Server Consolidation

With VMware virtualization, smaller businesses achieve efficiency savings previously available only to very large companies. Right now, your servers may run at just 10 percent to 15 percent of utilization. We can drive this to as high as 80 percent utilization, saving you money without sacrificing the dependable application performance you need.

Run a Lot More Apps on a Lot Less Hardware

VMware virtualization consolidates your apps on many fewer physical machines, which are easily managed as a pooled resource. Nothing changes for your applications. Performance levels stay high or soar even higher, while you gain dramatic benefits:

  • 80 percent greater utilization of every server
  • Server count reduced by a ratio of 10:1 or better
  • Up to 50 percent savings in annual capital and operating costs

When an app or operating system fails, the problem is fully isolated: no other workloads are affected. And when a server goes down, impacted applications are automatically restarted on another machine.

Only with VMware

  • Comprehensive resource prioritization — Achieve the highest service levels, performance and efficiency for your business, by reserving pooled storage, network and computing resources for your most critical applications.
  • Consolidate more workloads — VMware's vSphere® with Operations Management™ virtualization platform is designed from the ground up to optimize efficiency, reliability and security…unlike a re-purposed operating system. Your hardware runs more virtual machines, runs more efficiently and with better performance to maximize the benefits you get from virtualization.
  • Shared storage not required — VMware gives you the option of deploying an efficient and resilient IT infrastructure, without shared storage hardware, by pooling data across your server hosts.

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Products for Server Consolidation

VMware vSphere with Operations Management Acceleration Kits

Scalable server consolidation, automated business continuity, and centralized management for all your applications.

VMware vSphere Essentials Kit

An all-in-one solution enabling small offices with 20 physical servers or less to consolidate workloads, achieve business continuity and simplify management.

VMware vSphere Storage Appliance

Easily transform internal server storage into a highly available shared storage resource.

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Virtualization is an opportunity for healthcare providers to lower costs while improving quality
of service. We're very glad we've gone with

Keith Jewell, Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer for St. Francis Health

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