Software-Defined Storage and Availability

Software-defined storage, a foundational component of the software-defined data center, abstracts storage resources to enable pooling, replication and on-demand distribution. The result is a storage layer much like that of virtualized compute—aggregated, flexible, efficient and scalable. The benefits are across-the-board reductions in the cost and complexity of storage infrastructure.

App-Centric Policies to Automate Storage Consumption

Software-defined storage enables consistent policies across all resources in the heterogeneous storage pool, making consumption as simple as specifying the capacity, performance and availability requirements for each application or virtual machine. This policy-based automation maximizes the utilization of underlying storage resources while minimizing administrative overhead.

Virtualized, Hardware-Agnostic Data Services

Data services such as snapshots, clones and replication are delivered in software as virtual data services, provisioned and managed on a per-virtual machine basis. Independence from the underlying storage hardware makes these services especially easy to allocate.

Data Persistence Through Virtualization of Hard Disks and Solid State Drives

As server capabilities increase, software-defined storage solutions allow enterprises to augment their storage resources by leveraging the same inexpensive industry-standard hardware they use for compute. Utilize solid state drives and hard disk drive as shared storage for virtual machines to achieve high performance, built-in resiliency, dynamic scalability and up to 50 percent reductions in storage TCO.

Software-Defined Availability

The software-defined data center delivers availability for all applications independent of the platform stack. This technology lets you establish a consistent first line of defense for your entire IT infrastructure. You can automatically detect and recover from any software or operating system failure affecting Exchange, SQL, Oracle, SharePoint or most any other popular packaged application.

Software-Defined Storage and Availability Products