Dell and VMware® deliver efficient cloud infrastructure solutions that are fast to deploy and easy to manage. Our alliance is built upon a strong history of working together to test, certify and improve solutions involving VMware technology on Dell servers and storage.

Few alliances have been in the forefront of change like Dell and VMware. With shared strategy, joint engineering, and mutual expertise, Dell and VMware have built mature, tightly integrated joint solutions at each level of the IT ecosystem while developing a strong global services and sales practice. The Dell and VMware Global Alliance has worldwide scope and relevance and focuses on a singular goal: to help customers change their world with IT that’s optimized for agility, dynamic response, and value.

Dell | VMware – Delivering End-to-End Virtualized Infrastructure Solutions

Dell & VMware deliver virtualization solutions that reduce complexity & cost and increase efficiency, control and choice. The combined strength of Dell and VMware can deliver significant benefits for small, medium, and large organizations across all industries and sectors.

  • Creating an Efficient Datacenter
    Dell and VMware’s tightly integrated, proven virtualization solutions let customers of all sizes quickly and confidently deploy Dell / VMware architectures into production IT environments. The combined Dell/VMware solution is fast to deploy, easy to manage, and powerful enough to run the most demanding applications. Learn more about Dell’s Business-ready solutions tailored to your needs.
  • Developing the Cloud
    Dell and VMware virtualization solutions deliver outstanding degrees of control and simplicity, freeing IT staff to focus on delivering services that differentiate the business. VMware vSphere can automate the resource management and delivery of service-level agreements. Dell offers server and storage platforms designed for seamless integration with vSphere environments, so that companies can create a private cloud—shifting the paradigm of data center management from infrastructure to service delivery. Learn more here.
  • Virtualizing the Desktop
    You have already done the heavy lifting - the creation of a virtualized datacenter foundation using VMware vSphere and Dell. Exploit the full value of your investment/installed base of Dell client platforms (desktop/laptops) and your datacenter investment in VMware vSphere by taking the next step toward implementing Dell’s newest VMware based virtualization solution: Virtual Remote Desktop (VRD) with Horizon (with View). Implementing virtualized desktops (clients) enables you to shift from the traditional device centric IT computing model to a user centric computing model: One image, any device. Learn more here.
  • Accelerating the Journey with Professional Services
    Don’t know where you are in the virtualization journey or how to get to the next phase? Unsure on how to create a truly efficient private cloud infrastructure? Not to worry. Dell offers a comprehensive portfolio of services that are designed to accelerate virtualization adoption so you can rapidly achieve cost savings, without sacrificing productivity. Learn more about cloud and virtualization services.

As a core component of the Dell Virtual Remote Desktop (VRD) solution, the latest release of Horizon (with View)™ 4.5 furthers customers’ ability to standardize, simplify and automate desktop IT. Our unique partnership provides customers with complete virtualization solutions from the datacenter to the desktop via a managed service or private cloud customer-hosted implementation.

Steve Lalla, vice president and general manager, Commercial Client Product Group, Dell

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VMware and Dell are strategic partners with the common goal of providing joint customers with solutions that provide both business and technical value.

Visit the Dell and VMware Alliance webpage to learn more.

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