Hitachi and VMware work together to help businesses achieve a transformed, fully virtualized data center. As global leaders in virtualization and cloud infrastructure, we both provide customer-proven solutions that accelerate IT by reducing complexity and enabling more flexible, agile service delivery. Our alliance offers a blend of complementary, industry-leading technologies that delivers exceptional ITaaS and enables our customers to develop their infrastructure clouds.


Hitachi Data Systems and VMware have been strategic partners since 2002. Today, Hitachi is a VMware Global Alliance Partner, an Elite-level member of VMware's Technology Alliance Partner program and a participant in VMware Ready Partner programs for storage and infrastructure products as well as vStorage programs for storage vendor partners.


Hitachi solutions engineered for VMware are comprehensively tested and certified with products across VMware's broad portfolio. In addition, both companies' engineers collaborate in our world-class interoperability labs to create deeper integrations and innovative solutions to meet our joint customers' evolving needs. Together, Hitachi and VMware bring you end-to-end virtualization solutions for the data center.

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Hitachi Data Systems provides tightly integrated solutions that are engineered to work seamlessly with the VMware infrastructure today and into the future, providing unparalleled availability, performance, scalability and management  for virtual environments.


Engineered for Unparalleled Availability
Ensuring you have the right data in the right place at the right time is critical, as is protecting that data and guaranteeing its immediate recovery in the event of a disaster. Hitachi solutions for VMware are designed to maximize availability and protect your data, no matter what.


Engineered for Exceptional Performance
Hitachi provides storage and server solutions engineered to optimize performance in VMware environments and the virtual data center. As you grow your virtual environment, Hitachi solutions grow with you, with rock-solid performance that increases agility – which, in turn, results in OPEX savings.


Engineered for Maximum Scalability
Hitachi offers optimized, scalable storage engineered for VMware environments and the virtual data center. Our solutions enable you to grow at your own pace and leverage your existing storage with our storage virtualization technology which supports up to 100 different models of storage arrays and more than 255PB of capacity.


Engineered for Streamlined Management
Our solutions enable all VMware resources to be managed through a single pane of glass, either Hitachi Command Suite or VMware vCenter, which can maximize cost savings in the virtualized environment. This simplifies management, reduces OPEX costs and improves business productivity.


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Products and Solutions


Hitachi Data Systems provides industry-leading solutions for VMware environments that enable customers to build a highly integrated, predictable, adaptable and cost-effective virtualized data center and cloud infrastructure. Our solutions are engineered for VMware and offer unparalleled availability, exceptional performance, maximum scalability and streamlined management. This enables you to save money, lower risk and grow with confidence.


Our most popular solutions for VMware include:

  • Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform (VSP). Gain value and efficiency by leveraging your existing storage; scale your entire VMware environment easily with a single platform that provides unparalleled reliability and performance. VSP is the only enterprise storage platform in the industry that offers 3D scaling of resources, full native VMware integration, and storage virtualization that extends features to more than 100 different models of storage arrays.
  • Hitachi Adaptable Modular Storage 2000 family (AMS). Improve performance with storage that responds quickly to increased workload and integrates with VMware round-robin multipathing without the need for additional software. The AMS family offers flexible, dynamic, symmetrically active/active processing modular storage platforms that scale as your virtualization needs grow.
  • Hitachi NAS Platform family, powered by BlueArc (HNAS). Reduce complexity and lower your total cost of ownership by supporting more robust storage infrastructures with fewer nodes. HNAS is an extremely compact, enterprise-class network-attach storage (NAS) that enables you to scale up to 16PB for unmatched performance, efficiency and capacity.
  • Hitachi Command Suite (HCS).  Simplify storage management and lower costs with our advanced suite of IT management software. HCS offers a single management pane across all Hitachi products (SAN, NAS and compute) that simplifies and automates management tasks to streamline a business application’s availability, performance and access to its critical data.
  • Hitachi Compute Blade family.  Lower your total cost of ownership through improved virtual machine density and increased resiliency. The Hitachi Compute Blade family are simple, flexible and reliable blade servers that are ideal for consolidation, whether your needs are enterprise-class (CB2000) or at the edge and application tier of the data center (CB320).

For information about the full range of Hitachi solutions engineered for VMware environments, please visit the Hitachi marketplace on the VMware Solutions Exchange (VSX).



Hitachi Data Systems maintains a library of resource materials for VMware customers, including analyst reports, solution profiles, white papers and reference architectures.

Customer References


"VAAI is key in enabling the next wave of VMware adoption." Mark Bowker, Senior Analyst, Enterprise Strategy Group


"Virtualizing storage at the same time as servers allows for more efficiency and enables much more flexibility and redundancy." IT Director for a non-profit organization


"Without storage virtualization, you severely hamper your ability to deliver the benefits of virtualization." SVP of a large financial organization


"To provide first-class payment services to global customers, TSYS® is changing the way it thinks about data. By automating IT processes to boost efficiency and reclaiming lost storage capacity through virtualization. TSYS is achieving the operations and financial benefits of transforming its data center with Hitachi Data Systems." Wayne Smith, Group Executive, Operations, TSYS


"StarHub is keeping pace with rapid data growth thanks to a 10-year partnership with Hitachi Data Systems. A virtualized infrastructure mitigates costs and allows StarHub to deliver high-availability services to its customers — no matter how much data they create. We've been getting 99.99% availability through to 100% availability on a sustained basis..." David Skinner, VP Information Services, StarHub


"Companies can no longer afford to deploy IT simply for technology's sake. There has to be a direct correlation between IT investment and business benefit, and it's got to be compelling. In creating end-to-end VAAI-optimized virtualization, Hitachi and VMware enable ROI-optimized large-scale VMware environments. Together, significantly lower infrastructure costs, better business productivity and improved business agility are within easy reach." Parag Patel, Vice President, Global Strategic Alliances , VMware


"We could not be more pleased with our combined Hitachi and VMware environments. We've met our recovery time objectives, doubled our consolidation ratios, significantly improved reliability and performance, and built a platform for growth." Joe Ramey, Manager of IT Engineering, Hitachi Data Systems