Transform IT to Enable Agility

Enabled by VMware and HP, the software-defined data center (SDDC) virtualizes resources, enabling an incredibly simple, flexible and efficient IT infrastructure.

Fast-track Simplicity and Agility

You can’t meet today’s demands with yesterday’s infrastructure. HP ConvergedSystem 200-HC EVO:RAIL™ is designed to help midsize businesses embrace the software-defined data center (SDDC) with a flexible, open architecture that vastly simplifies IT operations, accelerates application service delivery, and allows you to easily manage changing workloads—all while reducing costs.

HP ConvergedSystem 200-HC EVO:RAIL consolidates compute, network, storage, and management resources into an all-in-one building block that is easy to deploy and scale, and delivers a rapid return on investment. With HP, time to first VM is an amazing 15 minutes from power up. And only the HP EVO:RAIL appliance is easily orderable via a single SKU and backed by HP Global Service as the single point of contact for hardware and software support. In fact, HP is the most experienced VMware support partner, with a partnership going back to 2003.

HP ConvergedSystem 200-HC EVO:RAIL is simply the fastest and simplest way to deploy and manage your VMware-based virtual infrastructure.

Visit the EVO:RAIL product page and visit to learn more.

Ideal Infrastructure

Industry-leading, software-defined HP servers, storage and networking, along with consulting and support services, provide the ideal foundation for building out the SDDC on top of virtualization. VMware vSphere Operations Management Suite enables better application performance and resource optimization, while VMware vCenter automates data center resource management. Together, HP and VMware help boost competitiveness by enabling you to do more, faster and better, with less risk and lower costs—so precious IT budgets can deliver more powerful and better-aligned performance.

Simplify Deployment of Enterprise OpenStack

HP Helion OpenStack is designed to deliver the best open source Cloud computing technology for enterprises and service providers in a resilient, maintainable platform across hybrid clouds. The HP Helion OpenStack commercial distribution will support VMware vSphere® with support for VMware NSX network virtualization coming in a future release. Together, the combination of HP Helion OpenStack with VMware’s enterprise-proven infrastructure, backed by HP Helion OpenStack Professional Services, will help your organization implement OpenStack technology with greater success and confidence.

Simple, Scalable Virtualization

Fully integrated and workload-optimized, HP ConvergedSystem for Virtualization with VMware solutions harness the full potential of VMware virtualization. Including everything you need delivered as a ready-to-run system, HP ConvergedSystem with VMware solutions provide faster deployment, comprehensive lifecycle management and one-stop, integrated support.

Everything You Need to Virtualize

Virtualization can help you reduce costs, improve application availability and simplify IT management, but getting started can be challenging. HP Flex-Bundles with VMware vSphere with Operations Management are complete virtualization packages that include everything mid-market to commercial companies need to get started with virtualization quickly and affordably. Jump-start your virtualization journey with simplified solutions that are predefined and validated, with flexible solution configurations to meet a variety of needs.

Managing the Software-Defined Data Center

HP OneView integrated with VMware vCenter Operations Management Suite is the only infrastructure management platform capable of enabling provisioning, monitoring, updating and scaling compute, network and storage resources without having to leave the vCenter console. The solution automates day-to-day activities to make them far easier and faster.

The Industry’s First Federated Network

Manual network configuration is time- and resource-intensive, as well as error-prone. The HP-VMware Networking Solution allows you to rapidly and efficiently respond to business needs by:

  • Unifying virtual/physical devices
  • Using automation to provision virtual and physical networks in minutes vs. weeks
  • Providing end-to-end network visibility, availability, performance and troubleshooting
  • Ensuring investment protection and migration to open, standards-based SDN support

Provide Shared Storage with X-Ray Vision

VMware Virtual Volumes (vVols) technology provides visibility into HP 3PAR storage arrays down to a granular VM datastore level, enabling enhanced management and data service capabilities. This provides storage arrays with the ability to perform storage operations at a much more granular level. HP Storage is the VMware design partner for fiber-channel arrays and HP 3PAR StoreServ storage has served as a reference platform throughout the development of vVols over the past two years.

Accelerate Your Journey to Software-Defined Storage

HP and VMware are delivering options to make the promise of the SDDC a reality—today. Any true SDDC must include software-defined storage—which leverages automation and templates to dramatically simplify and streamline storage provisioning and management. For customers who have selected VMware Virtual SAN, HP and VMware have worked together to develop a series of turnkey software-defined storage solutions for a wide variety of use cases and workloads.

Double Virtual Machine Density

HP 3PAR StoreServ Storage was built to enhance the benefits of VMware vSphere by exceeding the demands server virtualization puts on storage infrastructure. The broad range of HP 3PAR StoreServ Storage products delivers increased storage efficiency, utilization and performance for VMware vSphere virtualized environments.

By migrating your data from a traditional, legacy array to highly efficient HP 3PAR Storage, HP guarantees increased storage performance that will enable you to double virtual machine density on your physical servers or HP will make up the difference with free disk capacity and related software and support.