Build, run and manage Spring Java applications on vSphere

VMware vFabric® Suite is a lightweight, scalable, integrated middleware suite for data-intensive custom applications, whether on-premise or in the cloud. Optimized for the open source Spring Framework which is used by more than 50% of Java developers worldwide, vFabric is ideally suited for VMware vSphere® virtual infrastructure, physical infrastructure, and Amazon EC2 and provides a clear pathway to the cloud for your custom applications.

  • Reduce time to market via Spring Framework integration
  • Bring benefits of virtualization to application middleware
  • Easily provision & scale out application infrastructure

The Best Place to Build and Run Spring Applications

vFabric Suite provides a proven runtime platform for your Spring applications. Whether it is developer-focused capabilities such as integration with the SpringSource Tool Suite (STS), deep application performance visibility with the Spring Insight capability of VMware vFabric™ tc Server, Spring AMQP to incorporate VMware vFabric® RabbitMQ™ messaging, or the Spring Data project that simplifies access to VMware vFabric® GemFire®, VMware vFabric® SQLFire and VMware vFabric® Postgres, you will find a host of capabilities that make vFabric Suite the best place to run your Spring applications. Plus, vFabric Suite comes with support for Spring applications deployed into production.

Leverage the Efficiencies of a Virtualized Infrastructure

 How Spring, vFabric, and vSphere work together.

How Spring, vFabric, and vSphere work together.

How Spring, vFabric, and vSphere work together.

Applications are increasingly likely to be deployed on virtual infrastructure, whether on-premise or on a public cloud. vFabric Suite is ideally suited to run on VMware vSphere, enabling you to leverage the efficiencies that virtualization has to offer. vFabric tc Server, vFabric RabbitMQ, vFabric SQLFire, and vFabric GemFire have lightweight footprints that allow for greater consolidation ratios and improved utilization. vFabric Application Director enables automated provisioning for rapid scale-out of application infrastructure. vFabric Elastic Memory for Java (EM4J) and vPostgres have built-in memory optimizations for vSphere. vFabric Application Performance Manager integrates with VMware vCenter to provide unmatched visibility into application performance across the entire stack.

Meet the Development and Deployment Needs of Modern Applications

The nature of applications is changing and a fundamentally different approach to application infrastructure is required. With a data-oriented approach ideal for today’s web-oriented, data-intensive and dynamic applications users demand, vFabric Suite is appropriate for the needs of modern applications. The lightweight runtime elements in vFabric Suite allows for rapid scalability without over-provisioning and lets your applications handle dynamic and unpredictable spikes in traffic and incorporate social media and new data types.

And with through the integration with vSphere you can rapidly scale out infrastructure to eliminate many of the complexities of deploying and supporting today's modern applications.

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