Industry Recognition for VMware

The reliability of VMware products and VMware’s overall leadership is being recognized by press and analysts alike.

Among the hundreds of awards given to VMware products over the past years, the InfoWorld award for Best Virtualization Platform and InfoWorld Technology of the Year 2013 stands out as it further validates VMware’s position as the best platform for IT and clearly illustrates the technology gap between VMware and its competitors.

VMware is the only vendor Gartner has placed in the Leaders quadrant of their x86 virtualization Magic Quadrant every year of its publication.

Some recent quotes from Industry Press and Analysts:

6/26/13 CRN - VMware Partners: vCloud Hybrid Will Rattle Microsoft More Than Amazon

"VMware is offering something that Amazon is nowhere near, which is more than just bulk cloud computing and cloud storage. VMware's hybrid model will have an advantage because most businesses want private cloud deployments for much of their IT operations and aren't ready to have a lot of infrastructure in the public cloud."

"Given VMware's huge customer base in the enterprise, I think they're poised to do very well."

5/29/13 Infoworld -- Review: VMware's vRealize Operations Manager lightens the load

"VMware vRealize Operations Manager is a very useful and well-designed tool. It condenses the vast number of monitored data points for a vSphere implementation into a concise and easily digested format, and it provides analysis features that make it very easy to get a sense of the performance and capacity of the virtual infrastructure. Further, it's very simple to drill down into the data and determine where problems might be, whether they are affecting hosts, VMs, storage, or network operations."

5/22/13 InformationWeek - VMware Vs. Microsoft: 8 Cloud Battle Lines

"Large companies that see virtualization as the key to a flexible, programmable, software-defined data center are a VMware win. The market advantage goes to VMware. Its platform agnostic and can run on a server computer, underneath the actual operating system, and handle multiple operating systems at a time."

"The choice is an easy one for IT departments that want to implement the most sophisticated virtual machine migration and management tools. It’s VMware."

5/14/13 Enterprise Networking Planet - VXLAN: Beyond the Hype

"VMware announced that it developed the VXLAN protocol in conjunction with other serious industry players like Cisco, Citrix, Red Hat, Broadcom, and Arista Networks, so from its inception, it already had a wide base of switch stacks and other products that worked with the protocol. A quick vendor survey today shows that more and more products support VXLAN natively, including F5's BIG-IP solutions and Mellanox Technologies' ConnectX-3 Pro adapter cards."

"NVGRE (Network Virtualization using Generic Routing Encapsulation), [used by Microsoft] suffers from issues with load balancing."

"VXLAN is the clear leader in the overlay protocol market. This is partly because it's backed by VMware and Cisco, and partly because the industry can cope with only so many standards, and VXLAN got there first."

4/26/13 The Virtualization Practice - How Will VMware Win Against Microsoft?

"Microsoft has nothing approaching a credible software defined data center strategy."

4/24/13 Infoworld - Review: VMware vSphere 5.1 looms large

"VMware continues to deliver features and enhancements that make vSphere the obvious choice for any large-scale virtualization deployment. The new vCloud suites bundle together previously separate pieces required for building a large-scale private, public, or hybrid cloud."

"While Microsoft Hyper-V 2012 and other solutions may be chipping away at VMware's lead, vSphere still has a number of features -- such as rules-based load balancing for VMs and storage, as well as advanced virtual networking capabilities -- that the competition can't match. These features will certainly make a difference in large settings, and some will make a difference in smaller shops with more complex needs."

4/2/2013 Chris Kemp - InfoWorld

"Applications that require infrastructure to be reliable should be run on VMware,"

3/12/13 The Register - VMware vSphere Enterprise Plus: An El Reg deep dive

“The functionality you get from these [vCenter] applications is enormous.”

“It [VDP] works quite well; the deduplication levels are amazing.”

“The networking features make Enterprise Plus worth considering for midsize organizations, and essential for large enterprises.”

“The Storage API can do wonders. Profile Driven Storage (PDS) alone is worth the cost of Enterprise.”

“It is, however, something of a marvel of technology. Put all the bits together and you have an x86 mainframe on commodity hardware with added buzzwords and a way lower price tag.”

1/7/13 Infoworld - Seven of the biggest server virtualization news stories in 2012

"For the past 12 years, VMware has proven itself to be the server virtualization market leader. It is the 800-pound gorilla that other virtualization companies are striving to match with their own hypervisor technologies. In 2012, that was still true; because of the technology it has created."

"VMware remained synonymous with server virtualization, much like Kleenex with tissues and Xerox with photocopies. In 2012 the company was far from resting on its laurels, especially with so many companies gunning for the top spot as the must-have hypervisor in the virtual data center."