VMware Continuent is a database clustering and replication technology for vCloud Air and on-premises environments. It provides enterprise-class high availability, globally redundant disaster recovery, performance scaling and real-time heterogeneous data integration.

VMware Continuent for Clustering

Provides full clustering supporting, including load balancing, failover, and multi-master, multi-site deployments.

VMware Continuent for Disaster Recovery

Enables replication to another server or site to handle disaster recovery scenarios.

VMware Continuent for Replication

Provides core replication between MySQL, MariaDB and Percona servers and replication to and from Oracle.

VMware Continuent for Analytics and Big Data

Provides replication from MySQL to various Hadoop distributions (including Pivotal HD, MapR, HortonWorks, and Cloudera), HP Vertica, and Amazon Redshift.

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