EVO:RAIL combines compute, network, storage and management into a hyper-converged infrastructure appliance to deliver a smart, cost efficient, resilient all-in-one solution.

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vSphere Loyalty Program FAQs

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Radically Simple IT infrastructure

Meet accelerating business demands by simplifying IT infrastructure design, management and maintenance. Double your infrastructure in minutes when you need more capacity.

Cost Efficiency

EVO:RAIL combines advanced automation of the VM lifecycle (deployment, configuration and management) in a very dense form factor (4 server nodes in a 2U chassis) to maximize cost efficiencies.

Resiliency and Security

EVO:RAIL hardware and software are designed to provide resiliency and security for all workloads in an easy to consume appliance.


Built on proven VMware vSphere and VMware Virtual SAN technology, EVO:RAIL delivers high performance with consistent and fast response times.


With up to 100 different configurations, EVO:RAIL is designed to match your exact workload needs.

What Our Customers Are Saying


As a small university we needed to implement a new system with few resources and in short time. We were able to consolidate all our servers onto a single EVO:RAIL appliance and go from first bootstrap to production in 3 days.

Prof. Melchiorre Monaca, IT Director

EL Dorado

EVO:RAIL is a perfect match for our Disaster Recovery (DR) needs. We want to eventually build a full DR data center. EVO:RAIL expandable architecture and ease of management enable us to start small and expand gradually

Jon Henry, Deputy Director of Infrastructure, El Dorado County

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EVO:RAIL with Horizon makes it easy and affordable to change physical desktops into secure virtual workspaces.

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