VMware EVO:RAIL combines VMware compute, networking, and storage resources into a hyper-converged infrastructure appliance to create a simple, easy to deploy, all-in-one solution offered by Qualified EVO:RAIL Partners.

EVO:RAIL Hyper-Converged Infrastructure Overview

EVO:RAIL Hyper-Converged Infrastructure Overview

EVO:RAIL Hyper-Converged Infrastructure Overview (1:57 min)

vSphere Loyalty Program FAQs

vSphere Loyalty Program FAQs PDF

Learn how you can use your existing vSphere licenses as you move to the Software-Defined Data Center with EVO:RAIL

EVO:RAIL Datasheet

EVO:RAIL Datasheet PDF

Learn more about EVO:RAIL, its benefits and use cases

Simplify VM lifecycle management with Hyper-Converged Infrastructure Appliance

The EVO:RAIL hyper-converged infrastructure appliance enables power-on to VM creation in minutes, fast VM deployment, configuration and management, easy non-disruptive patch and upgrades and simplified scale-out.

Software-Defined Building Block

EVO:RAIL hyper-converged infrastructure appliance is a scalable Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC) building block that delivers compute, networking, storage and management to empower private/hybrid-cloud, end-user computing, test/dev and branch office environments.

Trusted Foundation

Built on the proven technology of VMware vSphere and leveraging VMware Virtual SAN, EVO:RAIL delivers the first hyper-converged infrastructure appliance 100% powered by VMware software.

Highly Resilient by Design

Resilient appliance design starting with four independent hosts and a distributed Virtual SAN datastore ensures no application downtime during planned maintenance or during disk, network or host failures.

Faster Scaling with Lower CapEx and OpEx

Meet accelerating business demands by simplifying infrastructure design with predictable sizing and scaling, streamlining purchase and deployment by reducing CapEx and OpEx.

Choose your Preferred Partner

EVO:RAIL is delivered as a complete appliance solution with hardware, software and support through Qualified EVO:RAIL Partners. Choose your preferred brand.

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