VMware EVO:RAIL is delivered through VMware Qualified EVO:RAIL Partners (QEPs) as a complete hyper-converged infrastructure appliance solution including hardware, software and support.

Purchasing Options

VMware EVO:RAIL can be purchased either as an all-in-one solution or the VMware EVO:RAIL vSphere Loyalty Program.

All-in-One Solution
Buy a VMware EVO:RAIL appliance as a single SKU (including the hardware and the VMware software) to get all the benefits of hyper-converged infrastructure in one step: simplified VM lifecycle, software-defined building block, highly resilient by design, lower TCO. This is ideal for new VMware customers or for existing customers implementing a new IT projects.

vSphere Loyalty Program
If you are an existing vSphere customer, you can apply your vSphere licenses towards the purchase of EVO:RAIL appliances. This lets you preserve your existing investment in VMware software while reducing the overall cost of an EVO:RAIL appliance purchase.

Choose Your Preferred Partner

VMware EVO:RAIL can be purchased either through VMware Qualified EVO:RAIL Partners (QEP’s) or through selected VMware EVO:RAIL channel partners as a complete hyper-converged infrastructure appliance solution.

  • Qualified EVO:RAIL Partners (QEP’s): Purchase EVO:RAIL appliance hardware and software as single SKU from your preferred QEP. QEP’s offer single point of support for EVO:RAIL and may also offer value added services, software and other capabilities.
  • VMware delivers the EVO:RAIL software bundle and specific instructions for building the hyper-converged appliance to qualified partners. The EVO:RAIL partners source the hardware, build the appliance, sell to customers, and provide hardware and software support. Customers benefit from EVO:RAIL's simplicity by ordering via a single SKU, deploying and configuring with minutes, easily managing the system, and having a single point of contact for support. Customers can choose their preferred partner.

Product availability varies by countries. Please contact your local VMware partners for details.

Qualified EVO:RAIL Partners
DELL EMC Fujitsu Hitachi Data Systems
NetApp Supermicro Netone Inspur