EVO SDDC provides an easy way to deploy and operate a private cloud on an integrated SDDC system.

EVO SDDC Manager Overview

EVO SDDC Manager Overview

EVO SDDC Manager Overview (3:14 min)

Turnkey Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC)

Enables a turnkey integrated system with a fully integrated compute, storage, networking and management solution delivered Day 0 operational.

Simplified Ongoing Operations and Management

Single centralized view into both the physical and logical infrastructure and automated lifecycle management, including upgrades and updates.

Enhanced Security

Automated and intelligent operations and delivery of security services, including firewall, data security and VPN, using NSX micro-segmentation.

Fully Integrated Network Infrastructure

Network infrastructure architected based on a leaf-spine topology with all east-west traffic within and across several EVO SDDC-based integrated systems fully self-contained.

Flexibly Scalable

Better align capital investments to current capacity requirements and grow incrementally as needed.

Compatibility with Pre-Validated and Qualified Hardware

Prescriptive hardware and software bill of materials to enable the full management capabilities of the EVO SDDC Manager, while providing flexibility in CPU, memory and disk storage, amongst others, delivered by qualified partners.

Low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

Attractive TCO with choice in hardware and ability to leverage existing IT knowledge and skillsets as well as existing investments in VMware.

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