VMware EVO SDDC Hyper-Converged Infrastructure (HCI) Solution

VMware EVO SDDC provides an easy way to deploy and operate a private cloud on an integrated SDDC system with a low total cost of ownership.


Simplify Your Private Cloud Deployment

EVO SDDC enables a turnkey integrated system with a fully integrated compute, storage, networking and management solution delivered and operational on Day 0.

What EVO SDDC Does

Simplifies SDDC Configuration

Remove complexity in building a software-defined data center by offering a fully pre-integrated and preconfigured software and hardware system that can be brought up within hours.

Provides an Elastically Scalable Platform

Align your capital investments to current capacity requirements and grow incrementally as necessary.

Delivers Faster Time-to-Value

Through automated bring up and configuration and infrastructure lifecycle management, including upgrades and updates.

Lowers the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

Attractive TCO with choice in hardware and ability to leverage existing IT knowledge and skillsets as well as existing investments in VMware.


EVO SDDC delivers a self-contained private cloud instance that can be easily deployed in a corporate network.


EVO SDDC Manager Overview Demo

Learn more about EVO SDDC Manager and how it serves as the single interface for managing the logical and physical infrastructure of the private cloud.


VMware IT on EVO-SDDC-Based Integrated Systems

Learn about the VMware IT implementation of EVO SDDC allows it to be more agile and efficient with the delivery of its services.


EVO SDDC Manager Automation Demo

EVO SDDC Manager can intelligently patch servers, switches and the EVO SDDC software to improve infrastructure security and reliability, while maintaining tenant uptime.

Speed Your Journey to the Software-Defined Data Center

EVO SDDC delivers a turnkey solution that allows you to complete your journey to the SDDC in a fraction of the time required with traditional infrastructure.

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Fully Automated Bring Up and Configuration Process

The integrated system can be fully operational within a few hours of turning it on. Once the EVO SDDC system is physically deployed at the customer site and the system powered on, the HMS and EVO SDDC Manager are automatically brought up, completing an inventory check against the bill of materials. The entire stack is also brought up and configured.

Integrated Management of both Physical and Logical Resources

The EVO SDDC Manager provides a single centralized view into both the physical and logical infrastructure—from hardware device level details to network typology to virtual machines.

Automated Lifecycle Management

With full inventory of all relevant component software and hardware in the EVO SDDC-based system—down to specific editions, versions, and latest patch bundles— VMware is able to develop the abstractions and interfaces upon which lifecycle management tasks can be built. This dramatically simplifies management tasks such as upgrades and updates.


NSX in SDDC offers automated and intelligent operations and delivery of security services, including firewall, data security, and VPN (IPSEC, SSL). This is achieved through intelligent groupings, security policy and services assigned to groups and adaptable and proactive security using IF/THEN policy mechanisms to assign responses.

Fully Integrated Network Infrastructure

EVO SDDC- based integrated systems include a prescriptive network design within and across racks. EVO SDDC Manager integrates management of the physical network infrastructure with the management of logical network infrastructure.

Compatibility with Pre-Validated and Qualified Hardware

The integrated system requires a prescriptive hardware and software bill of materials to enable the full management capabilities of the EVO SDDC Manager. VMware pre-validates and approves specific hardware configurations delivered by qualified partners with flexibility in CPU, memory disk storage and more.


Min per Rack

  • Physical Servers - 8
  • CPU Cores - 192
  • RAM - 3 TB
  • Storage Capacity (Raw) - 76.8 TB
  • Number of Server VMs* - 250
  • Max number of VDI VMs** - 700

Max per Rack

  • Physical Servers - 24
  • CPU Cores - 576
  • RAM - 9 TB
  • Storage Capacity (Raw) - 230 TB
  • Number of Server VMs* - 1,000
  • Max number of VDI VMs** - 2,000

*Assumes average size of general purpose VM is 2vCPUs, 8GB memory and 160GB storage.

**Assumes average size of a virtual desktop VM is 1vCPU, 4GB memory and 80GB storage


EVO SDDC is always delivered as part of an integrated system, but the EVO SDDC software can be purchased in two ways:


(1) Customers purchase EVO SDDC through VMware and separately purchase pre-qualified hardware from partners; alternatively,

(2) Customers purchase both EVO SDDC and the pre-qualified hardware directly from partners In both scenarios, partners will pre-integrate the EVO SDDC software with the pre-qualified hardware and deliver to customers.



EVO SDDC software is licensed on a per processor perpetual license model. Customers who have previously purchased components of EVO SDDC are able to upgrade to EVO SDDC through the Fair Value Conversion Program. Contact your account representative for more information.


EVO SDDC Optional Add-On Products: 

vRealize Automation Advanced add-on for EVO SDDC: For customers who are interested in self-service and policy-based infrastructure and application provisioning capabilities, vRealize Automation Advanced is offered as an add-on for EVO SDDC and is licensed per CPU. 


Horizon Enterprise add-on for EVO SDDC: For customers who are interested in building a hyper-converged infrastructure solution for VDI, Horizon Enterprise is offered as an add-on for EVO SDDC and is licensed per Concurrent Connection. 


Receive credit for VMware products you already own through VMware’s Fair Value Conversion program. Contact your account representative for more information.