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VMware Fusion 6 comes with more than 50 new features.


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Fusion 6 Overview

Fusion 6 Overview

The Best Way to Run Windows on a Mac

VMware Fusion® 6 is recommended for home users who are looking for the easiest, fastest and most reliable way to run Windows® applications on a Mac®.

Easily Switch From a PC to a Mac

It’s never been easier to transfer your entire PC to your Mac and make the most of your Windows software investment with the Fusion PC migration assistant for Windows. Get the best of both worlds and have access to your Windows applications and all your files from your old PC directly on your Mac, whenever you need them.

Fusion Migration
Fusion Install Feature

Run Your Favorite Windows Applications

Run your favorite Windows applications alongside Mac applications without rebooting. Whether you would like to run Windows XP, Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 on a Mac, the Fusion easy install feature will get you up and running in no time. With the ability to run Windows-only applications like Microsoft Project, Access and Internet Explorer, Fusion turns your Mac into the ultimate computer for compatibility.

Running Windows Applications on a Mac Couldn’t Be Easier

Fusion 6 makes it easier than ever to run Windows on a Mac. Run Windows applications the same way you use Mac applications, with seamless copy-and-paste, drag-and-drop, and networking and printing that require no additional setup.

Run Windows on a Mac with Fusion
Fusion Mission Control

Run Windows Applications Like Mac Applications

Launch Windows applications directly from the Dock, Spotlight or Launchpad and view them in Exposé, Spaces and Mission Control as if they were Mac applications. Easily interact with Windows applications using Mac shortcuts and intuitive gestures.

Choose How You Want to Experience Your Windows Applications

Fusion Full Screen View

Fusion Full Screen View

Full Screen View
For a complete Windows experience, run Windows in full screen on one display or across multiple displays connected to your Mac.

Fusion Single Window View

Fusion Single Window View

Single Window View
To keep your Windows programs separate from your Mac environment, run Windows in single window view.

Fusion Unity View

Fusion Unity View

Unity View
For a fully integrated experience, run Windows in Unity to run Windows programs without seeing Windows.

Gestures Integration

Experience your Windows applications like Mac applications In Unity mode and toggle between full screen Windows and Mac applications, access Exposé, show Launchpad, view Mission Control or show your desktop using OS X gestures.

Fusion Gestures Integration
Use Windows Devices with Fusion

Use Specific Windows-only Devices on Your Mac

Fusion 6 lets you use Windows-only USB or Bluetooth devices on your Mac—from GPS receivers, to cell phones or mp3 players and other input devices that are only supported in Windows.

The Perfect Complement to Boot Camp

No more choosing between Windows or Mac at startup, Fusion lets you run Windows and Mac applications side-by-side directly from your existing Boot Camp partition.

We've Got You Covered

For added peace of mind, we've included 18 months of complimentary email support and new Fusion 6 customers get a 12-month complimentary subscription to McAfee Anti-Virus Plus to protect your Windows environment.

Are You Ready for VMware Fusion Professional?

VMware Fusion® 6 Professional comes with unique capabilities designed for advanced users and professionals. Learn more

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