VMware® Integrated OpenStack (Beta) enables IT administrators to easily deploy and manage a production grade OpenStack on top of their VMware infrastructure.

VMware Integrated OpenStack (Beta) Overview

VMware Integrated OpenStack (Beta) Overview

VMware Community Contribution to OpenStack

What is VMware Integrated OpenStack (Beta)

VMware Integrated OpenStack (Beta) is a VMware-supported OpenStack distribution that makes it easy for IT to run an enterprise-grade OpenStack on top of their existing VMware infrastructure. Building on their existing expertise, vSphere administrators can boost developer agility by providing simple vendor-neutral OpenStack APIs to VMware's best-of-breed SDDC infrastructure. Key cloud administrator capabilities, including install, upgrade, troubleshooting, cost-visibility, and more are provided via deep integration with already familiar VMware management tools, providing fast time-to-value and low total-cost-of-ownership.

Why OpenStack on VMware

Developer Friendly OpenStack Services and APIs

Deliver OpenStack APIs to your development teams on top of your existing VMware infrastructure.

Reliable Production Grade OpenStack

Deliver OpenStack on VMware’s robust and best of breed SDDC infrastructue components including the most trusted hypervisor (VMware vSphere), breakthrough network virtualization platform (VMware NSX) and the industry leader in hyper-converged storage (VMware Virtual SAN).

Simplified OpenStack Deployment and Operation

Leverage your existing expertise to deploy and operate OpenStack on VMware infrastructure quickly and easily using familiar VMware cloud management platform tools and technologies

Single Support Contact

Trusted VMware support for both OpenStack and the underlying VMware infrastructure.

VMware Integrated OpenStack Blog

Check out the official OpenStack blog for technical tips, best practices, answers to frequently asked questions and links to helpful resources.

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