Pivotal CF is Pivotal's commercially supported hybrid Platform-as-a-Service solution built on Cloud Foundry technology , enabling customers to rapidly develop, deploy and scale applications. Customers can run Pivotal CF on vSphere or vCloud Hybrid Service.

Business agility

Enable business agility by accelerating application development and streamlining the delivery of underlying infrastructure.

  • Rapidly set up Pivotal CF on vCloud Hybrid Service with just a few clicks from the vCHS catalog, or on vSphere with a wizard-like rapid installer.
  • Enable continuous update/upgrade with minimal production downtime.
  • Utilize a developer console that:
    • Enables management of users, teams and services.
    • Provides self-service ability for developers to manage and scale applications up to hundreds of instances in seconds.
  • Develop and expose new provider services in the Pivotal CF catalog using a streamlined Service Broker API.

Hybrid Flexibility

Build and run applications using a PaaS that supports the flexibility of on-premise, public cloud, and hybrid cloud deployment.

  • Run Pivotal CF on-premise on vSphere or in the cloud on vCloud Hybrid Service / vCloud Director.
  • Rapidly deploy applications in any Pivotal CF instance using the Pivotal CF command line interface or developer console.
  • Design hybrid architectures and distribute applications or services based on workload requirements. For example:
    • Based on application life cycle: Development & Test in the cloud; Production on premise (or vice versa)
    • Based on enterprise requirements: Mission critical, tier 1 applications or applications with strong governance requirements on premise; tier 2 & 3 applications in the cloud
    • Based on application scale requirements: applications with limited scale requirement on premise; applications that need large scale in the cloud
  • Control resource management according to your organization’s policies.

Enterprise-class capability

Run an enterprise-ready PaaS powered by the virtualization platform that you already trust to run and manage your applications.

  • Leverage vSphere’s HA/DRS features to enhance availability of Pivotal CF instances.
  • Manage operations and govern usage of Pivotal CF instances, wherever they’re deployed, using VMware tools like vCloud Operations and vCloud Automation Center.
  • Leverage built-in load balancing to scale applications up to hundreds of instances in seconds.
  • Gain full application event visibility through log aggregation; built in health manager automatically restarts applications as required.
  • Provide a complete run-time environment through flexible buildpacks.
    • Java, Ruby and Node.js buildpacks are included and supported by Pivotal
  • Integrate with organizational security infrastructure to enable a Single Sign On experience for Pivotal CF.