User Environment Manager simplifies end-user profile management by providing organizations with a single, lightweight and scalable solution that leverages existing infrastructure.

Utilizing the Horizon Cloud Manager, this focused, powerful and scalable solution is engineered to deliver workplace productivity while driving down the cost of day-to-day desktop support and operations.

User Environment Manager Demo

User Environment Manager Demo

User Environment Manager Demo (3:37 min)

Simplify and Scale User Profile Management

Simplify and Scale User Profile Management

Simplify and Scale User Profile Management VIDEO

See how User Environment Manager enables dynamic policy management.

User Environment Manager Datasheet

User Environment Manager Datasheet PDF

See the User Environment Manager datasheet.

Centralized and Simplified User Environment Management

Accelerates upgrades, migrations and onboarding with easy to maintain policies and tools. Replaces unmaintainable, complex GPO and Logon Scripts with dynamic policy. Reduces help desk incidents by replacing bloated, corruptible Roaming Profiles with a more efficient and scalable solution.

Consistent and Personalized Experience

Maintain personalized settings across multiple devices, even non-persistent VDI sessions. Experience auto-mapping printers and networks as you roam between locations. Enjoy speedy logon times and faster time-to-application with minimal downtime.

Enterprise-Grade User Management

Scale out services with this single solution that supports virtual, physical and cloud-hosted environments. Drive down user management costs without adding additional infrastructure. Respond to changing business dynamics with the ability to quickly add and remove profile and personalization services.

User Environment Manager Community

Check out the User Environment Manager community for technical tips, best practices, and answers to frequently asked questions.

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