VMware® vCenter™ Infrastructure Navigator™ is a component of the VMware® vCenter™ Operations Management Suite™. It automatically discovers application services, visualizes relationships and maps dependencies of applications on virtualized compute, storage and network resources.

Application Discovery and Mapping

Intelligent Operations Groups

vCenter Infrastructure Navigator enables you to leverage the application dependency context to proactively manage the virtual infrastructure. With intelligent operations groups and VMware® vCenter™ Operations Manager™ integration, users are enabled to quickly identify in-context performance and capacity issues, as well as optimization opportunities, as they relate to grouped objects either by business, or operational relevance.

  • Organize IT operations by line of business, production workload or configuration type and create group policies to prioritize alerts, thresholds and group membership
  • View health, risk and efficiency at the group and component level

Create Application Patterns and Mappings

With vCenter Infrastructure Navigator, you can map services running in your virtual environment, examine the application discovery status, view and analyze the dependency. It provides a centralized view of your application environment.

  • Map virtual infrastructure resources such as virtual machines, web servers, mail servers, database servers, application servers, cache servers, messaging servers, application management servers, and virtualization management servers.
  • Detect inconsistencies from the norm and troubleshoot errors.

Define Protection Groups and Recovery Plans

Administrators can use vCenter Infrastructure Navigator to understand how various changes in the virtual environment will affect the availability and reliability of their application infrastructure. This allows for proactive risk assessment against SLAs.

  • Improve business continuity and disaster recovery planning by using automated application discovery and mapping
  • Manage changes (planned or unplanned) by gauging the impact on applications